CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM “Mister Softee” Review

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM Mister Softee Season 8 Episode 9

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM “Mister Softee” Season 8 Episode 8 – A devilish ghost from Larry’s past reappears and haunts him with its deceptively innocent tingaling theme which brings fear into Larry’s heart like the a great white shark.

Mister Softee the ice cream van caused quite a bit of mayhem for Larry in this episode, and for the penultimate episode of what has been a strong season of this zany show, it featured everything a fan could ask for and more: reverse racism, a masturbating car ride, a hilarious flashback to Larry’s days playing strip poker, his glasses as big as his face. There was an absolutely classic moment as Susie rushes out to Larry’s car, demanding a lift. Larry, knowing full well the the wobbly passenger seat is…em…prone to vibrate, tries to ward her off. But her sister’s apartment is on fire and she gets in and the audience is treated to the most amazing array of comedic expressions of horror as Susie goes off the rails.

There was a subplot with his therapist which was simultaneously insightful, funny and a little tiring as Larry’s therapist, a name dropper who charges Larry for a five minute talk at a baseball signing, puts him through the ringer.

This led to the even better subplot involving Bill Buckner which, ultimately, led to the awesome rescue of a baby (I couldn’t help but notice that once the mother chucked her diaper wearing screamer out of the burning building, no one paid her a lick of attention. And seriously, who would when given the option of watching Buckner turning to phrase “You Bucknered it!” into a whole new meaning. Curb Your Enthusiasm rarely gets heartwarming, but this was the most sentimental thing I’ve seen this season, and because it’s such a rare delight to see moments where the characters get to be good for a change, it raised the episode up to a whole new level.

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