TRUE BLOOD “Soul of Fire” Review

TRUE BLOOD “Soul of Fire” Season 4 Episode 11 – The penultimate episode of True Blood “Soul of Fire” provided closure for a couple of story lines, but then opened one up again. This is going to lead to quite a finale, before until then, let’s talk about the events from this episode.

Alcide / Sam / Debbie / Marcus

What can I say about these two except that they deserve each other, if only Marcus survived his fight with Sam… well technically he did, but because he couldn’t just let it go, he ended up dead anyway at the hands of Alcide. So does that mean that Alcide is now pack leader? Law of the jungle and all?

But mostly I’m just glad that Debbie is finally out of the picture for Alcide. I just didn’t understand what he ever saw in her. It wasn’t just that she wasn’t a likeable character, she had a totally different philosophy on life than Alcide did. I know we say love is blind, but come on!

Anyway, No more Debbie = Me Happy.


Poor Andy had a long walk home! Wasn’t it still daytime last time we saw him? That said this long walk of his did lead to a great monologue of him imagining a conversation between him and Terry. Now that was hilarious.

Best line was: “Don’t go all lost in nature retarded.”

Oh and the fairies are back. Well, technically one fairy is back, Morella. Andy swore to the light that he would protect her before they had sex and I’m guessing that’s going to come back and haunt him later on.


Poor Pam, now that Eric is back, she pissed him off and lost him all over again. Will he forgive her before the finale? I almost wish he doesn’t because it would lead to an interesting season 5 for Pam.

Jessica and Jason

Even though Jason tried to stay away from Jessica, he ended up drinking her blood again. These two getting together is inevitable. I hope we get to see a bit more of it in the finale next week. I would actually love to see Hoyt’s reaction to the whole thing, now that’s going to create some new drama!


Sookie is stuck with Marnie and the rest in the shop, but then the vamps try to make a deal to let her go, but was I the only one who didn’t get why Bill and Eric would agree to kill themselves? It’s not like Marnie was planning to kill her in the first place and even if she was, it’s not like there were going to be any guarantees Marnie wouldn’t go after Sookie later on. So having Bill and Eric kill themselves seemed a little extreme to me. Don’t you think? Or did I misunderstand something?

In other Sookie news, she once again uses her fairy power against Marnie. And while I always love when that happens, because it reminds me how powerful she is, I wish she would finally get a handle on it, so she could kick some real ass when she needed to.


I loved how he killed Marnie’s accomplice the first chance he got. I couldn’t wait to get rid of that guy.


Finally, Jesus is getting more involved in the supernatural stuff by using his brujo powers. And he saves the day, yay!


So in case we weren’t sure yet, Marnie went totally psycho in this episode, even killing one of her former followers. It was her who was the crazy one all along. I knew there was something wrong with her since the first episode. I never liked this whole witch thingy they were doing.

I do have to mention another thing that didn’t make sense to me. Marnie asks everyone in the shop to go in a circle and help her, and they just do it? Really? Haven’t they learned by now not to trust her? I would have expected a little more resistance until she at least threatened them or something. I mean don’t they know she will use it to kill the vampires outside, that would be Bill, Eric, Jessica, and Pam? At least Sookie should have fought harder.

But since things have to come to an end eventually, Marnie is finally killed, more exactly shot by Bill (by the way, why did Bill shoot her and not kill her vampire style? Is that a PR move so her death can’t be blamed on vampires?).

But if you thought that was the end of Marnie, you would be wrong…


What?! Marnie’s back! And poor Lafayette has been possessed again. Can’t he catch a break?

And here’s a question: since Lafayette now knows he’s a medium, isn’t there anything he can do to protect himself, so that spirits can’t just go and possess him whenever they feel like it?

Next week’s season finale should be pretty interesting to say the least. Will Bon-Temps finally be able to get rid of Marnie once and for all? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out.

Best Line of the Night

And the best line of the night award goes to:

“Fucking Sookie!”

So what did you think of the episode “Soul of Fire”? Are you satisfied with the somewhat resolution of the Marnie storyline? Are you happy Alcide finally broke up with Debbie? And are you hoping for more Jessica/Jason moments? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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