FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS “The Benefit of Being Shallow” and “The Benefit of Avoiding the Mindbanger” Review

Friends With Benefits

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS “The Benefit of Being Shallow” and “The Benefit of Avoiding the Mindbanger” Season 1 Episodes 9 and 10 – I learned two things from this week’s episodes of Friends with Benefits, “The Benefit of Being Shallow” and “The Benefit of Avoiding the Mindbanger.” One, Sara is shallow. Two, I want to be Aaron’s girlfriend. And not just because he could afford to build me a dog.

Yes, my hatred of Sara grew again this week, as she started dating a blind man and quickly fell apart when she realized he couldn’t give her what she needed, which is apparently constant validation about her prettiness. This exact same plot was used on The Golden Girls, yet for some reason, when I catch that episode on Lifetime or Hallmark, I don’t feel like smacking Blanche across the face and telling her to get over herself.

While Sara was banging Mr. Magoo, Ben proved himself equally shallow when he started dating a girl who always wore a hat. I figured it would be revealed that she was going bald or something, but it turned out that the hats were to hide a large birthmark on her forehead, which is, of course, a deal breaker for Ben. But at least Ben can admit that he’s flawed. Sara still thinks she’s awesome.

I don’t know if anything can be done at this point to redeem Sara or Ben in my eyes. Fortunately, I still have Aaron and Fitz and Riley, and the latter of the three has yet to let me down. Because Riley actually is awesome.

In the second half of the hour, both Ben and Sara came across two of their exes who “mindbang” them, which is to say turn them into complete opposites of their usual selves. You would think this would result in Sara becoming someone I can stand, but it really just means that our uptight doctor turns into an uptight goth groupie. Eventually, Ben saves them both by recording his own intervention and Sara gets a surprisingly cute set of bangs. All is well.

Meanwhile, Fitz gets freaky with an older lady (again). Aaron hooks up with the older lady’s daughter, who’s still older than him, which tells you how old Fitz’s hook-up was. I admire guys who admire the cougars, but was I the only one who, upon seeing Aaron’s cougar, couldn’t forget about that scene in Nip/Tuck where she lost control of her bowels in Sean’s hottub? Poor lady. That one is going to follow her forever.

It was a busy night for Aaron, as he starts dating a blatant gold-digger in the second half of the hour. Going against Riley’s advice to steer clear, he tries to turn himself into a baller, all for the simple fact that Aaron believes his real self is a nerd. Yes, Aaron, that’s why I like you. That’s why Riley likes you, even though she can’t admit it yet. Stay just the way you are. And ditch the Miami Vice suit.

I’ve figured out what Sara and Ben can do to earn my forgiveness. They can get married in the finale of Friends with Benefits and spend the rest of their lives telling each other how pretty they are. Perfect!

What I Liked: Riley getting Aaron back on track; finding out, via a map of her brain, that Sara is as vapid as I believed.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Seeing what Sara does with the “SO” tattoo on her back.

Best Line: “I need more black friends.

What did you think of tonight’s episodes? What kind of dog would you design? How much more of Sara can I take before I lose it? Let me know below!!