FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER “The Mercedes” Review

Friday Night Dinner S1

FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER “The Mercedes” Season 1 Episode 5 – Adam’s birthday is celebrated in true Goodman style in this week’s Friday Night Dinner, “The Mercedes.” Which is to say, in complete nuttiness.

The celebration gets off to a great start when Adam is nearly run over in the street by Bitchface, a much-hated woman in the neighborhood whose pride in life is her Mercedes and who happened to date Martin before he married Jackie. Specifically, she let him kiss her boobs, something that Martin later reveals to the family to their understandable shock and disgust.

The house is in it usual state of chaos when Adam arrives for his birthday dinner. The doorbell is broken, Jackie somehow managed to injure both of her ankles on holiday in Spain, Grandmum is begging for the bikini she asked Jackie to bring back for her and Martin has been put in charge of making dinner. For the first time ever.

I realize that there are many, many people in the world who can’t cook, but only the fact that Martin fails at everything he tries kept me from rolling my eyes at this. In truth, the prop department did a fantastic job of creating a meal of burnt meat and pale potatoes that made me want to go for Chinese, as well. Or “a” Chinese. Seriously, doesn’t that bring to mind images of a nice British family going out and hand-picking a Chinese immigrant to boil along with their bangers and mash?

I did love Adam’s birthday presents, though, all household appliances and one book from Martin that glorified the story of the German SS in WWII. Martin is like the TiVo of fathers. “So, you thought the war was interesting when you studied it in school? Here, I bought you a book on the concentration camps. Fully illustrated!” Brilliant. I know people who do this, and while they mean well, we’d all really rather have a gift card.

It was also nice to see Adam and Jonny united in something other than their mutual confusion over their father’s antics, even if it was just their mutual hatred of Bitchface. Maybe it’s because my brother is also my BFF, but the whole silly sibiling-rivalry-past-high-school thing is wearing on me a bit.

As is the nosy neighbor with Asperger’s. I can’t believe no one has smacked him yet. I volunteer! And I admit to not getting the joke about the fruit basket. Was it just that it was so weird to present a basket full of round, green fruit as a birthday present or was it an inside thing that I missed? Either way, crazy dude and his dog need to go. He’s less funny than he is off-putting.

The best moment of this week’s Friday Night Dinnner wasn’t Martin backing into Bitchface’s precious Mercedes. It was Grandmum in the bikini. I give double snaps to that actress; not many women her age with the body that goes along with it would do that.

What did you think of the episode? Would you rather get a hand-held vacuum or a book about Nazis for your birthday? Are you planning to try that trick with the whipped cream and the napkin as soon as possible? Let me know below!