WILFRED “Sacrifice” Review

WILFRED “Sacrifice” Season 1 Episode 12 – This episode of WILFRED actually entertained me more than the last several weeks combined. In “Sacrifice” Ryan meets a STUNNINGLY beautiful woman on the beach.

After initially turning down spending the day with her because he has to pick up Jenna’s dry cleaning and be at her house to wait for the cable guy to show up. Ryan starts to think that he’s not doing anything for himself, and Wilfred attempts to play on the guilt trip that Jenna needs him – and his sacrifice is for the greater good.

Ryan decides to say screw it and ends up back at the beach where the girl happens to be again, watching the waves. She and Ryan spend the day and night together with Wilfred constantly underfoot chanting “Jenna” in Ryan’s ear.

Ryan decides that enough is enough and takes this stranger up on her offer to go to Italy and spend time on her uncle’s sailboat. Wilfred is beside himself, angry at Ryan for leaving him, angry at Ryan for leaving Jenna, but somehow manages to twist Ryan’s words around into an invitation to join him in Italy.

Meanwhile, Jenna has been promoted to news anchor on the noon news; but her first day is a disaster. She ended up inadvertently getting high which showed shiningly on screen, and she loses her job. Jenna begins talking about suing the network since THEY think she was high, but she is convinced she wasn’t, and Wilfred again tries to guilt Ryan into staying on as Jenna’s attorney.

The funniest parts of “Sacrifice”? Wilfred. While trying to cheer up Jenna, he runs into a closed patio door, flips his ear inside out and does other dog like things – the entire time saying “silly dog!” over and over and over. I was wheezing I was laughing so hard.

That’s what initially made me enjoy Wilfred; and when these antics stopped it’s what made me lose interest in the show. However “Sacrifice” was funny to me, and even though I’d like to see Ryan do something for himself – it wouldn’t be Wilfred with Ryan in Italy!

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