SUITS (USA) “Rules of the Game” Review

SUITS (USA) "Rules of the Game" (USA) Episode 11

SUITS (USA) “Rules of the Game” Episode 11 – It occurs to me that Suits has done something (at least for me) that not too many other shows have done: coming off as being on the air for much longer that it really has. We’re only 11 episodes into this series and yet we’ve already seen so many layers to these characters that it feels like we must be at least 3 seasons in.

In this episode we meet Cameron (played by a long-time favorite of mine, Gary Cole), who is Harvey’s former mentor and likes to call himself “Harvey’s Harvey.” As much as I loved the character, the more I learned about Harvey’s history, the more I had to disagree with that assessment. Once I learned how much Jessica was involved in Harvey’s past and all the things she did for him, I’d have to say that she’s “Harvey’s Harvey.” After all, she was the one who got him through law school and she was the one who sent him to Cameron to learn a few things. Those are both things that I could easily see Harvey doing for Mike.

As for Harvey, wow did he have a lot going on in this one and he definitely showed more emotion than we’ve seen from him yet. That final scene was especially fantastic, as was the one in the deposition, not to mention when he blew up at Louis (but was really saying everything he wanted to say to Cameron). I think it’s because he shows emotion so rarely, but when we see even the tiniest bit from him, it comes off as almost shocking.

Then there was the Mike, Jenny, and Rachel storyline. I know a lot of people are hating on Jenny, but I’m not going to join in. Honestly the woman hasn’t given me a reason to hate her yet. The way I see it, she and Rachel are about on the same level in terms of their behavior with Mike. Neither of them are perfect little angels, but nor have they done anything over-the-top wrong in my opinion. I think that my heart secretly wants Rachel for Mike because I do think that they may share a stronger connection, but I don’t how soon they’ll actually figure that out.

My favorite bits..

“Okay Soap Opera, just give me my documents.”

OMG, it’s Harvey’s Harvey..and he’s Gary Cole. So very awesome.

Aw, look! It’s a young Harvey! Ain’t he cute?

“I love it when you talk to me like my third grade teacher.”

“You think pitting us against each other is Louis’ client.”

Harvey and Louis sniping at each other like 8-year olds.

Oh man.watching the looks on Louis’ and Harvey’s faces as they each heard their client’s story, and just reading on each of them how they were relating to it. Fantastic.

“Doctor, doctor.”

Donna asking Mike not to ask Harvey about his time as a prosecutor.

“Her Majesty is here to see you.”
“I heard that.”
“You were meant to.”
“Your Highness.” – barely twelve minutes in and I’ve already laughed out loud twice.

No rabbit punches? Aw, come on Harvey. You’re no fun!

Harvey and Louis both agreeing that they would know who won when it was all over.

“You’re gonna bet me for nothing?”

“I won’t perjure myself, not even for you.”

Harvey asking Donna what she would do in his situation.

Finding it interesting that Donna described Cameron as “poison”, which is precisely how Harvey described Trevor to Mike at one point.

“Oh wait, shit, I am your supervisor.” – Louis then pulling out a paper and pen to take down notes of Mike’s complaints was the best part.

Harvey vowing to Jessica that he wouldn’t turn on Cameron any more than he would turn on her.

Mike defending Rachel a little too hard for Jenny’s liking.

Mike asking who Tennille was. Oh God, now I feel old.

Harvey telling Jessica that this wasn’t one time where she got to make the call. Wow.

Donna ordering Mike to stand down from the fax machine. Really, Mike, you should know better. Of COURSE Donna is the fax whisperer.

Mike reassuring Harvey that he would figure something out.

Harvey telling Cameron that he was a disappointment. Whoa.

Harvey’s whole speech to Louis being exactly what I’m sure he wanted to say to Cameron.”

“You think I want him now? I just wiped the floor with him.” – Oh man, that was beyond harsh.

Thinking that Mike totally had a point when he said that Rachel didn’t start wanting him until after he started dating Jenny.

Donna going to Jessica with information to help Harvey. I’m just loving how it’s all the women in his life who are helping him in this one.

Jessica going in behind Harvey’s back and standing up for him with Cameron. Yep, I’m totally convinced that SHE is his Harvey. That’s exactly what Harvey does for Mike, fight for him when no one is there.

Harvey vowing to get that guy out of prison.

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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