PROJECT RUNWAY “The Art of the Matter” Review


PROJECT RUNWAY “The Art of the Matter” Season 9 Episode 6 – Previously on PROJECT RUNWAY, we’d lost Danielle. You know, the one that loved to work with chiffon so much that EVERYTHING she created looked the same? Normally the designers talk about how they miss the designer that left that week, but Danielle’s departure was sort of glossed over aside from the mention of roommates being rearranged.

In the Atlas Apartments, Laura tells us that “it’s no secret” that she’s not a huge fan of Becky’s, however not one other thing is mentioned about it; and am I the only one that had no idea that Laura didn’t like Becky? Has that EVER been addressed on the show? I didn’t think so.

Despite the fights that happened during the group challenge last week – especially between Anthony Ryan and Bert – the two men decide to put their differences behind them and actually act like adults. We’ll see how long it’ll be before Bert makes someone else crazy; my money is on next week since it’s yet another group challenge!

However, this week, the designers are taken to Harlem School of the Arts where each is paired with a student (age 11 to 17). They are told to create a painting with their student, and then they will create an “avant-garde” look based on the painting. Poor Viktor, he got the chatty Cathy of the kids, and I thought at some point that he was going to blow a gasket while he was working with her.

The kids all seemed fun; and came up with some amazing paintings (really puts things in perspective when an eleven year old can paint a canvas that would sell in a gallery for a billion dollars and you realize you can’t even draw a stick figure.) and the artists were off sketching!

Josh C. had an AMZING wolf painting to work with and when I saw his sketch I actually yelled out a “YES!” to my screen. Bert’s took his painting (a geometric design) FAR too literally. His sketch made me cringe and shake my head; and Josh M’s concept was great, but I wasn’t thrilled with what he was putting on paper.

After a stop at Mood (where Josh C. only used half of his budget), the designers are back in the work room – and off we go!

From here on out, the episode was a little boring. The only thing that happened that perked up my interest was when Olivier almost didn’t finish his design and decided to glue his dress onto his model (just one side of the bodice, but still), and when Tim had to come in and explain that using glue on a model to keep the garment ON them was sort of cheating.

Olivier looked shocked by this, but it didn’t work anyway, so he was alright.

Josh C. chickens out and decides to not use his faux fur or go anywhere NEAR his sketch which just resulted in something that I would wear on Halloween if I were going to be a vampire. Poor Josh. He really had something going with his design and would have been better off going over the top to show that he could think outside the box. Instead he played it safe and ended up in the bottom three with Olivier and Bert.

Bert’s monstrosity looked like something a preschooler would create in art class. As Michael put it “A Teletubby would wear this for a night out!” which was the best way to explain this…thing. However Bert loves it, and explains that he was thinking “outside the box” (too far, Bert! Toooooooooo far).

Heidi thinks Olivier is sad and boring, Michael agrees, and guest judges Zanna Roberts Rassi and Kenneth Cole say the garment was sloppily made. There’s no Nina! I missed Nina. I would have liked to have seen Nina’s face when she saw Bert’s design make its way down the runway.

In the top are Anthony Ryan with his brush stroke dress and Joshua M. with his “tree on fire” concept. The judges LOVED what Joshua did when he painted the fabric of the skirt, making it look like tree bark, and I do have to say it was a great touch – the skirt was my favorite part.

However in the end, it’s Anthony Ryan that wins (YAY!! I love him!!) and it’s Josh C that packs up his space in the work room. Again. I’m telling you, if he would have just gone TOO over the top, I feel it would have been better than the pleather…thing. that he sent down the runway. Too safe, Josh! Too safe!

Like I said earlier, this episode of Project Runway was a little boring (the most exciting thing to happen is that I decided that I want one of the “Mood” shirts that the employees were wearing), but next week looks CRAZY!

The designers are divided into two teams and have to create a look. what will happen? Stay tuned for more Project Runway to find out!

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