WILFRED (FX) “Sacrifice” Episode 12

Watch a preview and check out photos of the upcoming episode of WILFRED “Sacrifice” Episode 12 which airs on Thursday September 1 starting at 10 pm.

Episode Synopsis: WILFRED (FX) “Sacrifice” Episode 12 – Wilfred urges Ryan to sacrifice his newfound happiness for a greater good.

Show Summary: Wilfred is a live-action comedy series starring Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings trilogy) and Jason Gann, based on the critically acclaimed Australian series of the same title.

Elijah Wood stars as “Ryan,” an introvert who struggles to find social and professional happiness, until he meets “Wilfred” (played by Gann), who Zuckerman describes as part Australian Shepherd, part Russell Crowe on a bender. The world sees Wilfred as a dog; Ryan sees Wilfred as a man dressed in a dog suit. Wilfred is Ryan’s alter-ego intent on pushing Ryan out of his shell. Fiona Gublemann (Californication) co-stars as “Jenna,” Ryan’s attractive next door neighbor and owner of Wilfred. Wifred marks Wood’s first starring role in regular series television. Gann co-created and played the title character in the Australian version of Wilfred.

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