THE HOUR Episode 3 Review

The Hour

THE HOUR Season 1 Episode 3 – The third slice of The Hour was all about revelations, consummations and dead pheasant as Freddie and Bel spent a weekend in the country with Hector’s family. There’s something so quintessentially British about gathering a group of relative strangers together at a mansion in the middle of nowhere and forcing them to be polite to each other for two days. It either forges alliances or exposes cracks…or both.

In addition to Bel and Freddie, Hector’s family issues invites to the douchebag representative from the Prime Minister’s office who hates Bel, as well as our dead debutante’s alcoholic actor fiancee, Adam. Freddie, who absolutely loves putting people on the spot, can’t wait to quiz them about the Suez Canal and Ruth’s death respectively. At first he has no luck, but then Adam gets more than a little booze into him…and suddenly he can’t keep his mouth shut.

So, poor Ruth was in trouble in more than one way; Adam implies that she was pregnant, presumably not with his child, and that the match was arranged for that reason, as well as to hide who he was. To me, that means gay, but it could have something to do with the conspiracy plot, I suppose. He’s not allowed to say much more before Sleazy PM Rep shuts him down and proclaims him a babbling drunk. Hmm…why does a government official care whether a dead debutante was pregnant?

Speaking of the conspiracy, while Freddie’s stuck in the country, he has ample time to work on the clues in the dead professor’s last crossword puzzle. He winds up with a single, cryptic phrase, “revert to brightstone.” Back in London, his lackey at the BBC is keeping an eye on Shadow Man, who’s pretending to work on a Saturday in order to ransack Freddie’s desk. He also takes the time to go through his apartment, scaring Freddie’s disabled father and prompting him to come home early. Once there, he confronts Shadow Man at the BBC offices. After he’s accused of getting in over his head, he’s given a choice: tell Shadow Man everything he knows or die.

Freddie chooses to run and they wind up fighting on the stairs. Freddie gets Shadow Man bent over the railing and demands to know what “brightstone” is. Shadow Man shocks him, not only by saying that the question is not “what,” but “who,” but then by pitching himself over the railing to a bloody death in the stairwell. Who is Brightstone? And who is supposed to revert to him? Now it seems like we might never know.

Just when I started to like Hector this week after it seemed like he and Freddie were starting to bond over their shared contempt for the upper crust and their ridiculous rules (heck, he even leant Freddie a too-big tuxedo), Hector decided it was time to make a play for Bel. After a few stolen kisses during a game of drunken hide-and-go-seek, Hector drove her back to the city, where he was invited inside for a drink and some sex. Oh, Bel. I understand why, because although Freddie is driven and intense, he has the body of a fourteen year old boy, but Hector is a married man and you deserve better!

Despite all the dead birds, it was a riveting hour of The Hour. More twists and turns to come and I’ll be tuned to the BBC.

What did you think of this week’s episode? How does city-boy Freddie know how to clean a shotgun? Will Hector’s wife catch him and Bel in flagrante? Let me know below!!