SUPERNATURAL Thursdays: 6 Ways Fans Express Their Love of Supernatural

5 Ways Fans Express Love of Supernatural

You know, it used to be if you wore a t-shirt with a picture on it or maybe collected a few action figures, that was about the extent of declaring your fandom. Nowadays it has gone so far beyond that and I’m constantly amazed at the things people will do to show their love of a certain TV show, movie, comic book, etc.

Supernatural fans seem to be especially clever at finding new and unique ways to express how much they love the show in their everyday lives. Below are just a few examples of some of the ways the fans of Supernatural (myself included) declare their love of this amazing series.

They write fanfiction

Supernatural fanfiction

I used to make up stories in my head all the time for my favorite TV shows and movies. It wasn’t until I was a teen that I started writing them down, but even then I had no clue what “fanfiction” was. When I finally found out that there were others who did the same thing I did, I was flabbergasted. Now before you go getting all weirded out (and despite what you may have seen on the show) not ALL Supernatural fanfiction is slash or has anything to do with sex. Most stories read just like a tie-in novel, an author simply writing out stories that take the characters on new adventures not seen on the show.

Photo credit: Moki’s Fanfiction Blog

They create fan art

Supernatural Fanart by Castiel5150

Much like my experience with fanfiction, it turns out that I was doing this thing called “fan art” before I knew what it was. Fan art is exactly what it sounds like – fans creating art based on the show. Some of them sketch (which is what I used to do, and very badly I might add), some do graphics, use Photoshop to manipulate existing photos, or create their own anime/cartoon versions of the characters. Seeing the gorgeous stuff that people have created, I’m quite happy that there were no sites where I could upload my own work, because I’d be ashamed to have it compared to what these talented artists have created.

Photo credit: Fan Art created by Castiel5150 on DeviantArt

They create fanvids

Fanvids are usually music videos created by fans that use clips from the show. Some of them are done for humor, while others will make you burst into tears (at least that’s the reaction I’ve had to a lot of the ones I’ve watched). Other fanvids are sort of like fanfiction, in that they create a story unto themselves. Using cleverly edited clips from the show (and sometimes other series/movies the actors have been in), people can create whole new stories and relationships that have never existed on the series.

Video Credit: “Supernatural: Sink or Swim” by musikfun356

They dress up in costumes

Supernatutal Cosplay - Amanda and Sara Winchester at Comic Con 2011

Dressing up in costumes from our favorite shows and movies is nothing new. I still remember the Scooby Doo costume I dressed up in for Halloween when I was about 7-years old. But “Cosplay” is something I just found out about a few years ago, while attending my first Comic Con. The term is used for those who dress up in costumes and act like their favorite characters when it is NOT Halloween. Also, unlike everyone’s favorite dress-up holiday, most cosplayers work hard to create their own outfits and some work very hard to act like whatever character they are dressed up as.

Photo Credit: Michelle Carlbert, Comic Con 2011 (photo of “Amanda” and “Sara Winchester” – both as Mary Winchester)

They attend conventions

Supernatural Convention - Jamies Photo Op

Again, I feel the need to dispute what the show has portrayed about this favorite pastime for some fans. Don’t get me wrong, as a convention-goer myself, I found their portrayal in ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ absolutely hilarious – if not completely true. Much like the versions of the cast and crew found in ‘The French Mistake’ (referring to the fact that everyone was seen as a complete tool), conventions in real life aren’t quite the same.

While I won’t say conventions are necessarily for everyone, for those of us who do attend (and the cast themselves, judging by what they’ve all said about attending them), they are a blast. They are a way to get away from the regular world and immerse yourself in nothing but Supernatural for a few days. I ask you, what can be better than that?

Photo Credit: Special thanks to JamieRose89 and her mom for permission to use this pic from Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural Convention

They make their own props

Supernatural Prop - Johns Journal by Sara Winchester

Okay so this one is really new to me.

Here I thought I knew pretty much everything there was to know about fandoms and the things people will do to show their love of a show. But I was wrong. A couple months ago I met a new friend (aka Sara Winchester to some in the fandom) at a convention and was surprised to find out she had built a bunch of props from the show.

Above is her painstakingly hand made version of John’s journal (full of hand-written journal entries, photos, notes and actual exorcism rituals). Since then, I have discovered that there are others out there also making their own props, which still blows me away.

Photo Credit: Sara Winchester (prop maker)


Now I realize there are probably dozens more ways that fans express their love of Supernatural, so now I want to hear from you folks. What have you done to show how much you adore your favorite show?

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