RESCUE ME “Vow” Review

rescue me

RESCUE ME “Vows” Season 7 Episode 8 – Do you remember the first time you saw Usual Suspects? If, like me, you watched it on the recommendation from friends that it was an amazing movies, one of the best films they’d ever seen, then about ten minutes before the end you were probably questioning the illegality of lobotomies. But then the film flipped a complete 180 in the closing few minutes in one of the ultimate plot twists in film history.

This episode reminded me of Usual Suspects. The focus of the first three quarters was on the wedding. It tried to shoehorn a lot of stuff into the ceremony which was frustrating: renewing Tommy and Janet’s vows; Sheila’s drunken monologue, which, frankly, just felt like an excuse to give Callie Thorne something to do; Tommy walking Colleen down the aisle. There was something so annoying about Colleen’s insistence that her father could not walk her down the aisle. I mean, yeah, Tommy’s a douche, but he’s still her dad and it was such a dickish move on her part to refuse to let him do what amounts to, I think, a really big moment in a dad’s life, especially when he was standing there, sober as a judge. Denis Leary was good as ever, but I just wish the relationship with his daughters (Colleen and the nameless one, the one whose personality is defined by her mother’s moods and therefore generally set to ‘shrill’) had been fleshed out more.

But I don’t want to spend my time bitching about this episode. This was an episode of celebration, and the main characters all got their moments: Lou exasperated Tommy one last time at the buffet table, Sean proposed to his smelly girlfriend, Janet and Sheila had a truly lovely bonding moment after the ceremony as Sheila confides in her that Janet has everything that she never had. And when Callie Thorne shoves some fellow out of the way for the bouquet of flowers (“I paid for this wedding, bitch!”) it more than made up for her hysterical monologue earlier.

The episode’s ending was spectacular. Fire scenes are scenes the show does well, and as the stakes escalate and their lives are really put in jeopardy as they realize that there are cans of diesel dotted around the building and the fires are soon going to reach the cans and the who thing is going to go up in a bang, they make their way out: and just as an awesome ladder crashes through a window, they hear voices. Teenagers drinking in the abandoned building are now trapped by the flames, and Tommy decides to go back, but he’s not alone: the rest of his crew follows him and they make a fabulous rescue and find another escape route only for it to be blocked up by bricks. And that’s it. Trapped in a building about to go up like a firecracker, these guys have no escape route and it looks like they’re about to die together.

With the series finale left of a show which is not afraid to kill off its characters, yes, I think fans of these people should be very worried. I am. Next week, I think, may just be a tearjerker.

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