NECESSARY ROUGHNESS “A Wing and a Player” Review

NECESSARY ROUGHNESS "A Wing and a Player" Episode 10 (4)
NECESSARY ROUGHNESS “A Wing and a Player” Season 1 Episode 10 – Do you believe in curses? In “A Wing and a Player,” this week’s Necessary Roughness, we find out that athletes sure do and they’re willing to ruin a man’s life over a case of bad luck.

I’ve never been a big fan of mascots, except for the Florida State Chief who’s kind of hot, but the story of the Hawks’s former mascot is just sad. We find out that in the deciding play-offs game six years earlier, the team’s Hawk accidentally tripped one of the players and cost the game. A curse was born and now, on the eve of the Hawks making the playoffs again, the mascot has returned, like Freddy or Jason.

Of course, he’s just a bumbling dude with a mild case of autism, but the players and the city treat him like Typhoid Mary, until Doctor Dani is called in to deal with the situation, since she’s the only member of the team who doesn’t believe in curses. After figuring out that every bad move that prevented the team from winning in the past six years was due to their own stupidity, Dani manages to convince the team to forgive the mascot and they go on to make it into the playoffs. Huzzah!

I’ve never understood how sports can become an obsession, but then, I’m a Trekkie; I really shouldn’t talk.

On the home front, Dani’s kids coerce her into letting them stay alone for the weekend while she spends a night in the city with her doctor-boyfriend. To their credit, they throw no parties, but they do wind up scaring themselves silly with a horror movie on the flat-screen. After hearing some noises in the house, they barricade themselves in the pantry and since they can’t call Mom, the next best person is, naturally, TK.

So, what’s going on in TK-land? After sexually harassing the gorgeous Sports Illustrated reporter sent to do a story on him and team, TK rebounds by proving to her, and to us, that he’s actually a pretty decent guy. He came from nothing, stayed out of jail, didn’t die in a gang shooting, and made something of his life. I can see why the reporter was smitten, not to mention the fact that he’s good with kids, respects his therapist now, and has a washboard stomach that looks mouthwateringly good when doused with champagne. Could this be a real relationship for our playboy?

On the subject of relationships, Dani’s fling with the doctor comes to a quiet, but predictable end as she realizes that she can’t tie him down and she doesn’t need him to set her free. This clears the way for Nico, who seemed a little too invested in keeping tabs on her and the doctor. I don’t believe it was just part of his job. Of course, things could swing the other way, as Matthew disclosed his breakup with the publicity chick, and also seems to be interested in Dani’s love life a little too much for a colleague. Who will it be? My money is on Nico. Gotta love the mystery.

Only a few episodes of Necessary Roughness are left before the summer finale and I have to say…I honestly hope it gets picked up for a second season. Never thought I’d say that, but it’s the truth. Don’t look for me at any football games, but I’m enjoying the antics of the Hawks.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you know what movie the kids were watching? Do you like Nico’s allure or Matthew’s down-home heart? Let me know below!