BURN NOTICE “Better Halves” Review

BURN NOTICE "Better Halves" (USA) Season 5 Episode 11

BURN NOTICE “Better Halves” Season 5 Episode 11 – Yes! Now this was an episode with a Fi that I recognize. Kickass, badass – whatever you want to call it, she had it in spades. Sure there were a few mopey moments in the beginning but by the end she was back on her game again.

Personally, I think Fi forgot for a while there that when she and Michael met, he was a spy. Judging by what we know about them, we can guess that they got into lots of trouble together and had lots of adventures that were pretty dangerous. Now that he’s back doing exactly the same thing (i.e., being a spy) she’s had a problem with it. But in tonight’s episode, they got put together on a case where they held each others lives in their hands and suddenly the romance returns, at least for her. I don’t think Michael ever lost it but I’m sure he’s glad that Fi found it again.

Okay so enough about Fi, the other big thing in this episode was of course the fact that Pearce finally found some of that evidence that was so cleverly set up to make Michael look like Max’s killer. I knew it was bound to happen sometime and now I’m just wondering what this will mean. Is it possible that he could get kicked out of the spy game again? I really hope not.

My favorite bits..

“No, I prefer to be sober when I’m risking my life. Thanks.” – Jeesh, what a stick in the mud.

Michael being named the CIA’s ‘Go to bad guy grabber’ – It may not be exactly catchy, but you gotta admit that it works.

Pearce asking for her souvenirs to be in cuffs.

“I thought we were connecting just fine last night.” – Rowr.

Michael slapping the rings in Fi’s hand.

Michael really is the perfect date. Who else can dance and do surveillance at the same time? Without missing a beat? That entire dance scene was fantastic.

Fi commenting how easily men get distracted…while Michael was distracted with his phone. Har.

OMG it’s Charisma Carpenter! Yay! I really loved her on Buffy and Angel.

Okay so after listening to Nicki scream at her husband, I’m gonna give Fi a tiny break for griping at Michael.

Michael studying that fake wedding ring on his hand. Hmm…wonder what he’s contemplating?

“There are no ‘shouldn’ts’ on vacation.” – I am so on board with that statement.

Cracking up at Michael in that polo shirt and those shorts.

“I think we can stop him right around that ketchup stain.” – Oh Sam, you slay me.

Woot! The Summer of Shirtless Men of USA continues. Michael not only shirtless, but in a pool? Very nice.

I love the fact that Sam will agree to just about anything as long as there’s a beer involved.

Sam wisely choosing option A.

Sam’s little wave as the bad guy drove away.

Oh dear, is this show trying to kill me? Not only Shirtless Michael, but in a sauna..and in a towel..and in a fight..AND with another hot guy in towel?? Um, pardon me for a second.. *faints dead away*

Wow, Russian bodyguard chick does not mess around. Then again, neither do Nicki and Fi. Nice dive into the ocean, girls!

“I don’t ride!”
“No, but you know how to be clingy.” – That’s almost the same thing, right?

” ‘Our losses’? – I can see why you wife finds you so charming.” – No kidding! What a jerk. So glad Michael is willing to risk his life for his “wife”.

Michael knowing exactly where Fi would be.

The over the shoulder shooting thing = so freaking sexy!

Michael and Fi putting Nicki between them to protect her. Awesome.

Fi thanking Michael for some “quality time”. Yes! That’s the Fi I know and love.

Fi volunteering for more extractions..as long as they were in some exotic locales.

Oh crap. I guess sometimes have a very recognizable muscle car is not such a good thing.

Michael tying his own hands together. Oh noes!

What did you think of this episode of Burn Notice? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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