ROYAL PAINS “A Little Art, A Little Science” (Summer Finale) Review

ROYAL PAINS "A Little Art, A Little Science" (USA) Season 3 Episode 10

ROYAL PAINS “A Little Art, A Little Science” Season 3 Episode 10 (Summer Finale) – This was kind of a tough review for me. You see I have an aversion to the use of ECT and seeing as how that played a major role in this episode it made it hard for me to watch some parts of this one. The reasons I’m against ECT are personal ones and nothing I wish to get into in the midst of a review about a fun summer TV show. I’m just pointing it out so that everyone will know why I’m not going to really talk about that part of the show.

So I’ll just talk about the rest of the episode and luckily there was a lot going on. Eric comes back and this time we find out that he’s a diabetic who also has a medical condition that makes him physically react to beautiful artwork. Normally Hank discovers something like this and with a few nifty medical procedures, all is right and dandy. But tonight a couple of treatments were delivered by one very tired physician’s assistant at the hospital and Eric got the wrong medication. That’s bad enough but the fact that the tired PA also happens to be Divya (and that she was working under VanDyke at the time) is going to make for some major drama when the show comes back.

Then there was the whole Hank and Evan debacle. I’m still a little snippy towards Evan and did find it very interesting that he was still holding a grudge towards his brother in most of this episode. They did finally make up in the end and I hope that means a return of the brotherly love that’s been sorely missing recently. But I was kind of surprised by the fact that Evan was part of Paige and her mom keeping a huge secret from the General. I’m sorry, but isn’t that what he was just mad at Hank about? Families keeping secrets from each other?

I’m sorry to say goodbye to another summer show and can’t wait for this one to return as I’m dying to see what’s going to happen now between Divya, Hank and VanDyke. Plus there’s the fact that Jill is looking quite reluctant to go off to Uruguay. Not that I ever expected her to actually leave but I’m interested to see what happens between her and Hank once she does decide to stay (as we all know she will).

My favorite bits..

“Either Boris’ baby is Punking us or it’s Evan’s handwriting.”

Divya telling Hank that sometimes secrets are necessary.

Okay.Wow. Why do I think that there’s more going on with Eric than just diabetes? A talking painting? Whoa.

Thinking that Eric was taking things pretty well, considering everything that might be wrong with him.

Trying really hard not to say anything about the fact that Evan told Hank that he did “everything wrong.”

Kinda wishing that Divya would drop a few of the bags belonging to that snooty little… okay I’m gonna stop myself before I say something not-so-nice. LOL.

Yeah, yeah, yeah..I know that was basically a car commercial but how cool is Jill’s car?

“He says ‘Hi, big fan of your boss.'”

“I’m having a really hard time taking that word seriously.” – Oh thank goodness, I thought it was just me.

Totally agreeing with Hank about the mind being able to have a powerful influence on the body. I’m now very intrigued by this illness that Eric may have.

The look on Divya’s face when she got Renya’s list.

Not being able to help comparing Divya to Superman. Who else do you know who can change that fast?

VanDyke asking Divya to cover the kid’s ears so he could curse. See? He’s really not such a bad guy after all.

Evan nailing his job as a meet and greeter for the General.

“I thought that was water.”
“Well, scotch has some water.”

The General telling Evan he was “surprisingly competent.” – LOL.

Divya giving Renya an iPod full of her own songs. Aw. So sweet.

Well it may have been a little tentative and it didn’t end in a big, brotherly hug like I would have liked, but I did appreciate Evan and Hank coming to terms.

Uh oh, methinks Divya gave Eric the wrong meds. Oh dear.

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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