MELISSA & JOEY “The Other Longo” and “Teacher/Teacher” Review


MELISSA & JOEY “The Other Longo” and “Teacher/Teacher” Episodes 25 & 26 – Another double episode of MELISSA & JOEY this week with the first episode focusing on the arrival of another Longo (and another Lawrence) who turns Mel’s world upside down. The second episode revolved around Mel’s desire to go back to being the fun aunt while Joe tried to make a wrong right by making it even more wrong.

Seeing Joey Lawrence’s brother on the show took me back to the days of Brotherly Love. As an aside, do the Lawrence brothers every really age? Back to the show. Joe’s brother, Tony, arrives unannounced. He is a lighter more relaxed version of Joe, something that appeals to Mel. So much so that she lets her guard, and some of her clothes, down. Naturally the photos end up on the internet. Mel feels betrayed, while simultaneously celebrating the positive comments from women to the photos.

The best part of the episode was the big fight between Tony and Joe in the basement. Arguing about who said what and who threw the first punch leading to a wrestlemania in Mel’s basement was amusing. I was surprised that Tony went along with the lie that they weren’t fighting about Mel once he figured out that Joe has feelings for Mel. Definitely a good way to keep the possibility of Mel and Joe getting together for sometime in the future.

I found the second episode with the concert antics funnier. I was rather surprised that in her quest to be the cool aunt, Mel would so quickly venture back into illegal territory. When someone addresses you as “Councilwoman” in the fake ID store, it is time to leave the fake ID store. It was disappointing that Mel would forego her parental responsiblities for a trip down memory lane with her underage niece. However, the scenes in the bathroom were worth it.

The episodes did lend themselves to some funny lines:

“Get back to your room, snot face!” – Lennox to Ryder

“You’re no land fill. Awww, that’s the sweetest thing someone’s ever said to me.” – Tony to Mel

“As Mr. Lincoln said, you are all free now.” – Ryder’s teacher

“No one has to French anyone just yet. Good, I will return my tongue to its holster.” – Mel to Ryder

“Longos! Never let them into your house.” – Mel

“You don’t walk with your legs, but with your face.” – Mel to Lennox

“520 pounds. That’s a lot of niece.” – Joe

What did you think of these episodes of Melissa & Joey? Which one did you like best? Do you like fun Aunt Mel or responsible Councilwoman Burke the best? Tell us down below.

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