AWKWARD “Over My Dead Body” Review


AWKWARD “Over My Dead Body” Season 1 Episode 7 – Every school has weird traditions, and in “Over My Dead Body,” this week’s Awkward, we find out that Jenna’s school’s involves Drunk Driving Awareness Day and the prime role of Dead Stacy.

Excuse me, it’s not Awareness week; that is so 1995. It’s CRASH’D, which according to Crazy Counselor means “Counselors Raising Awareness of Students Who (the W is silent) Drink.” I kind of love that. And it makes as much sense as PRIDE ever did.

In my school, PRIDE was something you joined for two reasons: it looked good on your transcripts and you got out of class once a year in order to lie in front of a styrofoam grave and pretend you died in a drunken car crash. Jenna’s school takes it a step farther; landing the role of Dead Stacy in the yearly awareness skit is almost as good as being voted prom queen. Everyone wants it, including Sadie and Tamara, but Crazy Counselor (who from now on will be known as CC) casts her homegirl Jenna.

But Jenna doesn’t see the part as a ticket to social acceptance, especially not when most of the student body still thinks she tried to kill herself. She just wants out, but when all of her efforts to pass the part on to someone else fail, she decides to take her father’s surprisingly zen advice and change the conversation by changing the Dead Stacy skit to include a lesbian kiss and a surprise resurrection.

It’s a brilliant move. No one doesn’t love a girl-on-girl kiss. Jenna and Tamara bring the house down. Even the principal declares it the best awareness skit ever. Jenna, never one to seek out attention, finally finds herself receiving some…but the good kind. Matty even hugs her. In public!

Of course, this might have something to do with the fact that Jenna finally laid down an ultimatum. After giving in to Matty’s text request for a hook-up, Jenna was crushed when Matty refused to introduce her to his drunk brother (who would have made a much better poster-child for the dangers of alcohol.) Jenna, of course, doesn’t see this as Matty being ashamed of his sibling, but is convinced that he’s embarrassed to be seen with her, like any teenage girl would be.

At school the next day, Jenna draws the line. She will not be Matty’s secret sex buddy; if he wants to be with her in private, he’ll have to hold her hand in public. Good for her! I just wish she could have done this three episodes ago.

Complicating matters is Jake, who at the worst possible moment (as he’s squirting fake blood onto Dead Stacy’s circa-1974 prom dress), tells Jenna that their kiss wasn’t accidental and that he likes her. Like, “like” likes her. Even though he has a very dumb blonde girlfriend. Talk about Awkward. Our little Jenna sure is growing up.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you convinced that Jenna’s mom and CC are long-lost twins? Do you want a flashback to Tamara’s death scene in Grease? Let me know below!