5 Signs You’re Watching a Great Episode of NCIS: LOS ANGELES

5 Signs of a Great Episode of NCIS LA

Welcome to the latest edition of my continuing series of “5 Signs of a Great Episode.” You can check out my Supernatural version here, my NCIS version here, and my Hawaii Five-0 version here.

For those unfamiliar with these articles, I am taking a closer look at my favorite shows to see what makes them tick and specifically what is it about certain episodes that makes me love them more than others. I’m finding the common denominators from my favorite episodes and listing out those bits that, when I see them on screen, signal that an episode could end up on the top of my list for that series.

This time I decided to take a look at NCIS: Los Angeles.

Hetty does something very….um, Hetty-like


Alright, so I’m not trying to be vague in that description, but you gotta admit when it comes to Hetty there are things about her that are hard to describe. She’s always surprising us with her experience, the people she knows, the things she can do, even the car she drives. Any time there’s an episode where Hetty does something really out of the box – like, say, beat Callen up a climbing wall, or reveal that she’s been holding onto a huge secret for years and years – it always makes for a great episode.

There’s a bromance moment between Callen and Sam

NCIS: LOS ANGELES "Rocket Man" Season 2 Episode 21

If you’ve read my other articles here on Daemon’s TV then you know how much I love a good bromance. The one between Sam and Callen on this show is especially awesome (heck, they even ended up on my list of favorite bromances on TV. I think the reason it’s so great is that they’ve known each other for so long their bickering takes on a very “old married couple” vibe, while still managing to be tough and macho. Whenever I see an example of their friendship – whether it is an argument or a quiet moment – I always come away from the episode feeling a little giddy.

Eric and Nell use their power from the control room to save the day

NCIS Los Angeles - Eric and Nell

Both Eric and Nell spent some time out in the field last season (with varying degrees of success), but personally I think their place is right there in that room with all the fancy computer screens. They may not know about weapons or fighting, but I’ve lost count of the amount of times that one or the other has done something amazing on a computer that has pulled one of their teammates’ butts out of the fire. Plus, they get to do the little “flick” thing with the pictures onto the big screen. How can you beat that?

Deeks does something goofy

NCIS Los Angeles - Deeks undercover

Everybody on this show is funny, but there is something about Deeks that makes his funny stuff so much funnier to me. I think it’s his face. He just has these hilarious expressions that can crack me up, even before he opens his mouth. I like the fact that, though he’s made fun of everyone on the team, he really doesn’t take himself too seriously and doesn’t mind being the butt of the joke either. If I’ve been laughing so hard that I need to rewind the DVR, I know two things: it’s a great episode and Deeks is probably the culprit.

Kensi does something completely badass


Since Kensi made it on to my list of TV girl crushes, I think it’s pretty clear how I feel about her. She’s a strong female character who isn’t afraid to kick a little tail to get the job done. Because she’s female and gorgeous, she often gets stuck dressing up in a slinky dress to provide a distraction to whatever baddie they are trying to catch. The fact that most of the time she then ends up chasing down said baddie in the slinky dress (not to mention the heels), just makes her that much cooler. Any episode with a scene like that automatically has my vote

Special Mention: Any time Nate shows up


I was intrigued by the character of Nate the moment he was introduced in those first two episodes that appeared as a part of the original NCIS. To say that I was disappointed when his character was basically written off the show would be an understatement. Now any time he makes an appearance, I am one very happy fan.


So what about you guys? What it is about certain episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles that turn them from being simply good to being great to you?

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