WEEDS “System Overhead” Review

WEEDS "System Overhead"

WEEDS “System Overhead” Season 7 Episode 10 – Last week Nancy and her sons found themselves in a bit of a pickle: Shane was arrested, sort of; Silas’ one night stand and potential new employee turned out to be his main enemy and stole his whole operation’s computer system (as well as Andy’s Copenhagen wheels); and Nancy was getting herself out of yet another convoluted jam thanks to yet another crappy deus ex machina.

The weird thing about the show is that I did not anticipate what did happen to happen, yet when it did happen I was completely unsurprised by it, unmoved by it and sort of exasperated by it. So Nancy gets Shane out of jail by using her whimsy wiles to convince this cop to do one big, dirty bust of the Pouncy House and call it a day, unknowingly putting Silas in jeopardy (though clearly, not really since she’s already made it clear to the cop that Silas fell in with the wrong crowd – and this seasoned cop bought it, inexplicably) as he makes a deal with Emma to get into business with each other.

Doug’s offices continue to be investigated by the SEC. I don’t care. The red headed lady from the SEC has hyper sensitive hearing, which gives me a brief moment of hope that she might whip out a cape and fight crime, SEC style, but alas that does not happen and instead we’re subjected to entire minutes (the torture is almost more than I can bear) of Doug’s schoolboy humor.

The worst culprit in the episode is Andy, whose despair at losing his Copenhagen wheels is so absurd that not even Justin Kirk can pull it off. Look at that poor man! Kirk is floundering. Is he so grief stricken that he’s become psychotic, violently waving a nail gun around? To a safe, safe degree. Emma is never in danger of getting shot in the face with a nail gun. You know that. I know that. Hell, the actors know that. This show is safe. It’s never going to leap out of the box and surprise you. Andy stomps around a lot in this episode, but it’s all a gambit. The problem with this show is that the writers have forgotten that character is action, not dialogue, and much like the show itself, these characters are static.

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