WAREHOUSE 13 “The 40th Floor” Review

WAREHOUSE 13 "The 40th Floor" Season 3 Episode 8 (2)

WAREHOUSE 13 “The 40th Floor” Season 3 Episode 8 – It was a sad day for WAREHOUSE 13. Is Jinks really gone? Is he coming back? Do we blame Frederick for firing him after he pulled a gun on her? Probably not, even though I respect Jinks’ honor.

Last week when we left the agents, they were investigating further into Sally Stukowski and what exactly she wanted with various artifacts. Turns out she’s torturing Regents (the protectors of the Warehouses) for information, but we don’t know what information or why Sally is working for Marcus.

That’s where Frederick steps in. While Artie and Myka are off trying to investigate an address that Sally had on her, Fredrick and Jinks babysit Sally and try to get info from her. but she’s not talking. So, Frederick decides to take matters into her own hands and uses medal that was worn by a Japanese commander in World War II, and starts to torture Sally with it (it has the same effect as waterboarding). It’s not pretty, and Sally does end up singing.

Jinks really doesn’t agree with this form of questioning and points his gun at Frederick. so. yeah. He’s now fired.

Turns out she had a partner working with her – and that partner used an artifact on the very building where Artie and Myka are attempting to save three Regents. Only problem is, the artifact (a spray paint can used on the Berlin Wall) that was used is slowly eating away at the structure of the building. And it’s about to collapse. Jane (a Regent that Myka seems to have a lot of respect for) and Myka end up getting stuck in the building while Artie uses a window washer ledge to get to the ground.

After finding the spray paint can (and trying to take Sally’s partner with them, but he SWALLOWED THE SPRAY PAINT which caused him to burn from the inside out), Claudia and Pete rush back to the building to stop the artifact from bringing the thing crumbling to the ground. It works, and Myka is now safe again.

Then the real surprise happens – she introduces Pete to Jane and when Jane turns to him, Pete looks stunned. And “Mom?” flies out of his mouth.

WHAT? Is it next week yet?!

This was one of the best episodes of Warehouse 13 ever – and felt a LOT like a season finale. I cannot wait for next week!

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