THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER “Pomp” Season 4 Episode 12 – It’s the penultimate episode of television’s most cerebral show and things are really starting to shake up as this part of the fourth season draws to a temporary close for this part of the year. Four seasons after impregnating Amy, three seasons after that sausage faced kid called John was born, Ricky has taken it upon himself, after years of pleading from Amy and his family and her family, to propose to the mother of his child, the girl he loves, because he’s fallen into a trap so diabolical Josef Goebbels would blanche at its manipulative audacity.

We can’t really accuse Ricky of being dumb. After all, he withstood the brainwashing attacks for four seasons, plus he’s valedictorian, because he’s always doing homework and his quick witted responses have always promised that under those smouldering dark eyes and that chiselled Roman face and those pouty lips there’s a brain the size of a human’s working. Nor can we accuse him of being uncaring. After all, this is the guy who, when realizing that this girl was desperate to please him and hopefully entice a proposal out of him to salvage her honor and dignity in front of her family and school (because unless they come with a wedding band, babies are devil’s spawn and unmarried mothers are ungodly whores) she offered him baths and Kurasawa, he suggested that he’d appreciate a nice milkshake and a massage. Because he’s a decent chap with a good heart.

Adrian is back to kissing weird men who show up at her door, Jack is back to moaning about Grace and Grace is back to her role as the expository machine: she’s alive to consume your characters’ innermost feelings so that you don’t have to work at trying to suss them out.

Oh, and there’s something about Molly Ringwald being a possible lesbian. Of course I’m misrepresenting the story on purpose to make it seem more interesting than it is because if I told you what this whole storyline really entailed, you’d put your head in liquid nitrogen and bash it off a pumpkin.

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