PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Over My Dead Body” Review


PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “Over My Dead Body” Season 2 Episode 12 – This week was the summer finale of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. Just like with the last finales, I feel that we got a lot of answers, but are still left with a lot of questions. The show made use of the flash back sequence similar to Damages in that it started with the end scene with the girls dirty and at the police station and then made its way backwards to fill in the blanks. It was very effective.

It turns out that while the girls were digging to save Dr. Sullivan they were also digging their own graves so to speak. Jenna and Garrett came up with an elaborate plan to frame the girls for the murder of Allison by placing the murder weapon literally in their hands. So if the shovel was the murder weapon, what was the deal with Spencer’s hockey stick? And if Jenna and Garrett cooked up this entire conspiracy, does that mean they were A the entire time? Did they kill Allison or do they just know something about it? So many questions.

The ending also caused me to pause. It implied that Dr. Sullivan was either working with or bribed to work with Jenna and Garrett. However, we know that Jenna and Garrett were at the police station. I think that means Dr. Sullivan was meeting with someone else. Who else has pretty eyes other than Jenna? Toby, perhaps? Maybe he had Dr. Sullivan do something after all of this, to correct it? What do you think?

It was brilliant for A, whether it was Jenna, Garrett, or someone else, to make the girls do things that would both benefit them and hurt them at the same time. Aria found out just how evil Jackie was and that she does not plan on letting Ezra go anytime soon. Hanna broke her father’s heart, but may have saved her mother’s in the process. Spencer also broke Toby’s heart, but kept him safe. The dolls, however? Creepy.

In other news, it seems that Aria’s family is finally going to find out about she and Ezra. I believe it was Ezra that Aria used her one phone call on. Do you think Ella will be as calm when she realizes it is her own daughter that the teacher went after? Probably not. I think she will try to bury him just as much as she thought Spencer’s parents would bury him.

Caleb is back and there for Hanna, standing up to her wicked not-stepsister-anymore. Maya is back for Emily, but just as friends for now, which is probably a good thing. In the end, however, the girls are in a lot of trouble. Although it is doubtful that the charges will stick, how much more can the girls’ reputation take? I think that page 5 of the autopsy is going to resurface as Garrett probably will not do what he is supposed to or drop it carelessly somewhere. Why they kept the page this long beats me.

What did you think of this summer finale? I feel like we are asking some of the same questions. Just like last time, we think we know the possible killers and possibly the identity of A, but we are not really sure. That means it was a good finale. Now who is counting down the days until Halloween? Tell us what you thought of the finale, what you think about Jenna and Garrett’s involvement, and what will happen next on Pretty Little Liars in the comment section below.

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