Mad Love’s Judy Greer To Play Ashton Kutcher’s Ex on TWO AND A HALF MEN

Actress Judy Greer (Mad Love) will be returning to TWO AND A HALF MEN, but not as Herb’s eccentric and wild sister, as she first appeared back in 2007. Instead Greer has been cast to play a whole new character, Ashton Kutcher’s soon to be ex-wife Bridget. Per Tv Guide, Greer will appear in several episodes of season 9, as her character and Internet billionaire Walden Schmidt proceed with their divorce. “Schmidt is so needy that he convinces Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) and his son Jake (Angus T. Jones) to stick around,” which is sure to entertain fans.

Describing the dynamic between his character, and that of Ashton Kutcher’s, Jon Cryer recently told TV Guide that Walden Schmidt “is maladroit socially, which allows me to form a sort of mentor relationship with him. Which is of course, ridiculous, because my character is such a mess as a human being.” Although Cryer’s Allan is a mess his previous experience with divorce and Judith should make for some interesting scenes between his character, Walden and Bridget.

Judy Greer’s latest television credits include a short lived stint on Mad Love, Californication, Mis/Guided, (a series that was executive produced by Ashton Kutcher), Glenn Martin DDS, and the FX series Archer.

Two and a Half Men is scheduled to make their big debut on September 19th on CBS at 9pm.