HELL’S KITCHEN “6 Chefs Compete” Review

HELL’S KITCHEN “6 Chefs Compete” Season 10 Episode 12 – With only three guys and three girls left, there are only a few episodes remaining until we find out who will become the head chef of BLT Steak in New York. After tonight’s event, the five people going through will leave their red and blue coats behind and take up the black jacket.

The challenge is an interesting 30, 20, 10 minute entrée challenge: each team member must make an entrée in 30, 20 or 10 minutes. The team with the best entrées will win the prize – a trip to a fashion boutique to spend a bunch of money on fashionable clothes, while the losers will have to contend with prepping the kitchens for the black tie charity event being held in Hell’s Kitchen.

It’s an entertaining if not particularly creative challenge and there’s a lot of time spent on mushrooms and peppers and lamb. Predictably, Tommy is lost immediately, or at least the editing makes it seem that way. Jennifer has wisely nominated herself for the 30 minute dish, is not panicking that her lamb is not even raw, but just blue meat, and sets about trying to right her wrong while Elise and Elizabeth yell at her.

Jennifer admirably fesses up to Ramsay right off the bat that her lamb is crap, but Ramsay disagrees and awards her the point over the blue team. Elizabeth loses a point for the red team, as does Elise, who promptly bursts into tears at the prospect of losing out on a shopping spree.

It’s clear throughout the season that Elizabeth, quite and mild and agreeable, is an excellent chef. But she is also clearly not ready to be a leader. It’s only when she’s put in a position to lead – like her Hawaiian challenge fiasco, her flailing attempts to cook last week, her performance in this episode – that her weakness is exposed. Jennifer and Elise have to constantly bear the brunt of her mistakes and carry her over the finish line, screaming at each other as they do. Without Elise in their kitchen, the blue team get out their courses without much hassle.

When the three ladies are brought before Ramsay, he gives Jennifer the black jacket, and then using the fake out he’s used once too often, he gets rid of Elizabeth and keeps Elise for yet another week. This should be interesting – the blue team have yet to really experience the beast that is Elise.

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