DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES The Complete Seventh Season DVD Review

ABC is releasing the complete seventh season of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES on DVD. If you are a Deseperate Housewives fan, then you know that ABC has also announced that the eighth season will be the last for the show. The 5 disc DVD contains all 23 episodes of Desperate Housewives as well as bonus features, one you will definitely not want to miss!

This season of Desperate Housewives involved the return of Paul Young, angry from his incarceration and shunning by the neighborhood, and with a new wife, Beth. The show also brought guest star Brian Austin Green as a possible love interest for Bree and Vanessa Williams, playing one of Lynette’s longtime friends moving in the hood to start up trouble. It also features a stint by Susan who does something a bit unconventional in order to put food on the table for her family that has been forced to move from Wisteria Lane.

Forget about the actual episodes and let’s talk about the bonus features because there is one that I absolutely loved! The DVD had the following bonus features:

Desperate for Trivia – My favorite feature is the first. This is situated somewhat like a game show reminiscent of Hollywood Squares wherein the cast members are asked Desperate Housewives trivia. Felicity and Doug are paired together as are Eva and Ricardo. Other cast members are flying solo such as Marcia Cross. First, I did not know that Eva Longoria was that funny. Seriously, she was adorable. The way she would just yell out “ME”, killed me. What was even funnier was the fact that they all struggled to come up with the answers while I know fans would probably be shouting them out at the DVD. It was only about 5 minutes long, but I loved every minute and was actually craving more.

Growing Up on Wisteria Lane – This feature was commentary from the many child, and not so child, actors that played the children in their various forms on Desperate Housewives. Some of them such as Andrea Bowen, who plays Susan’s daughter Julie, have grown up on the show. It was interesting to get their take on the show, the actors and the many different plot lines that have occurred throughout the years. It was also interesting to hear about the new “children” and their take on being welcomed into a show that had existed for quite some time before they arrived. The other cast mates talk about the child actors as well. It is about 10 minutes long and holds your interest.

Bloopers – Although typically not worth it on DVDs these days, the Desperate Housewives’ bloopers actually had me laughing. Again Eva Longoria scored points with me, but the other actors were funny as well. It was not just funny faces and dances as you so often see, but actual flubbed lines. I have to give credit to Doug Savant who would just keep going back and repeating his line every time Felicity Huffman messed up hers. There are about 4 minutes of bloopers.

Deleted Scenes – There were only four deleted scenes and, honestly, none of them were that memorable to me.

I never thought I would recommend buying a DVD for one bonus feature, but I cannot say enough about that Desperate Trivia. It was so much fun. Hopefully the writers do it again in this final season. I would also request more bloopers because this cast is actually funny even when they are messing things up. The Desperate Housewives Complete Seventh Season DVD is a must buy for me and should be for you as well.

Desperate Housewives: The Complete Seventh Season is now available on DVD.

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