THE GLADES “Shine” Review

the glades shine

THE GLADES “Shine” Season 2 Episode 12 – “Shine,” this week’s episode of The Glades, is brought to you by the moonshine distillers of Florida, who remind you to please drink responsibly from your mason jar.

Ah, moonshine. I wish I could say we were strangers, but ever since my best friend passed out after drinking half a cup of it at a party in high school, I have grave respect for the stuff. I know for a fact that in some circles back home, moonshine’s as good as money when it comes to settling a tab. I just never knew people would kill over it.

This week’s victim was found underneath a glass bottom boat, dressed like Ernest Hemingway, proving that there is no dignity in death. Honestly, his murder was pretty straight up: he married a girl so he could sell her family’s moonshine recipe and ended up getting bumped off by his co-conspirator. If not for a couple of shining moments (pun intended), I would have been very disappointed with this episode.

For example, seeing Jim down the raw moonshine was priceless. Yes, it is that bad; he wasn’t overacting. Remember the cup my friend drank? I touched a drop of it with my pinky and lost feeling on the surface of my skin for a few minutes. In real life, Jim wouldn’t have been talking for awhile.

But he probably still would have been good to go when it came to showing up at Callie’s house with a lame excuse as to why he was there. What is this, eighth grade? You like her, she likes you, her kid likes you…why isn’t this coming together??

Could Callie be caught up on another man, one who isn’t her ex-husband? It seems like she might be when a handsome doctor returns to the hospital and only has eyes for her. It’s clear they have a past and I admire Jim for not pressing her for information about it when he finds out that they have dinner plans. He took the high road and even though he was surprised to see her with another guy, he tried not to jump to conclusions. Good thing, too, ’cause he would have been wrong.

Doctor-man doesn’t want to rekindle things with Callie. He wants to warn her that the hospital is being closed and that she’ll be out of a job in six weeks. But it’s okay, because he also wants to offer her a bigger, better job in Atlanta.

All right, I might have my Romance Writers membership revoked for saying this, but I hope she takes it. Seriously, a single mother with a child to raise should never choose a half-baked relationship over a high-paying job with great benefits, even if it means moving to another state. I will be annoyed if she puts whatever’s going on (or not going on) between her and Jim over her son’s well-being.

We’ll find out next week, in the season finale of The Glades. Stay tuned…

What did you think of this week’s ep? Would you give moonshine or shot, or are you sticking to absinthe? Is it time to retire Callie and give Jim a love interest with whom he actually has some chemistry? Let me know below!!