RIZZOLI & ISLES “My Own Worst Enemy” Review

RIZZOLI & ISLES  (TNT) My Own Worst Enemy Season 2 Episode 8

RIZZOLI & ISLES “My Own Worst Enemy” Season 2 Episode 8 – In this episode, something is afoot in Boston – and no, I’m not talking about Jane’s ingrown toenail or Korsak’s foot fungus. First off, a man is murdered in front of his son and soon the team is caught up in a case full of drugs, nail salons and kidnapping.

The real story though, is the one going on behind the case. That’s where things are not going as they usually should. Maura and Jane are besties. They tell each other everything. No secrets. Until tonight, that is. Suddenly there’s a new (at least to Jane) man in Maura’s life and, unlike any other time during their relationship, she’s keeping mum about the details of this mysterious stranger.

Of course the first thought I had was that he was some sort of bad guy. But I should’ve known that it wouldn’t be quite that simple. Making him a guy who’s trying to do right in the world by smuggling medical drugs into needy countries, thereby making him also a man that Maura can’t be with – that was just cruel. Seeing Maura break down finally at the end broke my heart and I, like Jane, would’ve been ready to drive her to the airport so that she could be with him forever. I’m glad she didn’t go of course, but still, poor Maura. I catch myself thinking of her as a bit cold because of the way she is, but tonight we saw that she can be hurt just like the rest of us.

My favorite bits….

Whoa. Okay something tells me that Maura just might know this Ian guy.

“You can’t do this without your BFF?”

Maura showing up at a crime scene in two different shoes. Oopsie.

“That’s Jane’s mother.”
“Should I hide?”

Ian and Maura looking around her kitchen when Angela asked if Maura was ready to conquer the clutter. Ha!

Everyone in the lab looking up when Jane asked if the text was from Ian.

The fact that Jane was able to get Maura’s attention by saying she had arranged all her shoes, and not that she’d ruined DNA samples and the like.

Korsak wisely choosing NOT to ask when he walked in and found Maura holding Jane’s foot.

“Stop talking about your nasty toes.”
“At least I’m not afraid of rodents.”

Wait. Studded collars are illegal in Massachusetts? Good to know.

Ew. Jane putting her foot on the kitchen counter for the procedure? That would so not have been my first choice.

Angela spotting that Jane was hurt because Maura hadn’t opened up about Ian.

“Well, he is Australian. Aren’t they all descended from crooks?” – As a person with many friends from down under, I found this line especially hilarious.

Jane ribbing Korsak that he was trying to get rid of his foot fungus (now, there’s a phrase I never thought I’d end up putting into a review, let alone twice) just so he could wear his strappy sandals. Can I have some of that industrial strength cleaner for my brain please? Because the image that put into my head…..not pretty.

“Why are you turning into a snoopy dog?”

Angela telling Jane that Ian must be a spy. I was thinking the same thing but now that she’s said it, I know I must be wrong. Darn.

“It’s like a skunk made love to a farting dog.”

Jumping out of my skin when that woman shot at Jane.

Jane dropping a bomb on Maura about Ian being wanted for stealing drugs. Jeesh, don’t sugar coat it Jane.

“You don’t have the guts.”
“You don’t know her at all.” – Yep, I was totally thinking the same thing.

Maura telling Jane that Ian was the love of her life. Aw.

Jane knowing the perfect way to get Maura smiling again – by pointing out the insanity that was her “organized” kitchen. That’s something only a best friend could do at a time like that.

What did you think of this episode of Rizzoli & Isles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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