Heroes’ Own Sylar is Back In Business on AMERICAN HORROR STORY

Heroes‘ own psycho Sylar, or rather actor Zachary Quinto, is back in business on TV with an expected role in the much-buzzed about, but little understood, FX series AMERICAN HORROR STORY from the minds of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk (the guys behind Glee).

American Horror Story stars Dylan McDermott (Dark Blue), Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights) and film legend Jessica Lange (among others) that is being described as a psychosexual thriller. It centers on therapist Ben Harmon (McDermott) and his wife Vivien (Britton) who, dealing with the aftermath of Ben’s adultery, move along with their kids into a new house that seems to know all about their fears and plays on them.

Quinto should appear in at least four episodes, playing Chad, the gay former owner of the house who becomes friends with Vivien (the character Britton will play). He will make his debut in a big two-part Halloween episode; the first part which will air in the show’s regular Wednesday time slot on October 26 with the conclusion airing on Halloween night.

As most movie goers will recall, Quinto also starred as Spock in the Star Trek remake and is poised to play in the anticipated sequel.

American Horror Story will debut on FX on October 5 at 10/9c. [Source: Deadline]