EUREKA “This One Time At Space Camp…” Review

EUREKA "This One Time At Space Camp" Review

EUREKA “This One Time At Space Camp…” Season 4 Episode 18 – On last week’s EUREKA, Dr. Hughes reported that Allison and Carter should break up to prevent their relationship interfering with their roles at Global Dynamics and the Sheriff’s office. Carter and Allison have appealed the decision to the DOD, who send their top man, the recently promoted Dr. Hughes, to hear them out. This week also marks the final interviews for the Astraeus missions and they really get to whats on each candidate’s mind, in this case through bio cortex recorders. Throughout all this a series of strange but familiar occurrences puzzle Carter and Henry until they find the unlikely culprit. At the close of the episode we know who’s made the cut for Titan and whats next for Carter and Allison.

Now that is what you call a great episode! I’m always wary of when shows have some kind of flashback component (call it Post Traumatic Lost Disorder). It usually turns into some kind of weird exposition or an excuse to show old footage, but this week’s Eureka uses them smartly to reinforce what we know about the characters and not to rewrite the past. It makes sense that Zane is a trouble maker in the fifth grade and Jo is trying to outdo her brothers, to see anything else would seem disingenuous. The fact that Fargo and Parrish shared the same memory was a little cheesy, but it was worked due to the great job of casting Fargo and Parrish’s younger selves.

One of the best moves the Eureka team made this season was to have Wallace Shawn guest star again as Warren Hughes. Having him play out Carter’s memories gave us a whole new reason to enjoy his character and Shawn’s comedic talents. I even liked how his scenes almost acted as a Cliff Notes version of what’s happened between Allison and Carter this season. Feel free to bring him back again anytime!

Finally I’m still in awe of the great dialogue Amy Berg wrote in this episode. These are the type of episodes you want to rewatch to catch what you missed the first time around (for example the worm holing quote below). I mean there was the usual kind of Eureka humor where something outrageous is actually completely normal (Henry wanting to fire a warhead at the ship), but tonight had just great lines all over the place. Even something as simple as the Spanish Inquisition line left me belly laughing, though credit to Colin Ferguson for the delivering and timing. I’m hoping we get to see a few more Berg penned episodes before the show wraps up, her previous couple, “The Ex-Files” and “Reprise”, are some of my all-time favorites.

Favorite Things from Tonight’s Episode:

– Carter: “It’s not like you’re going to to fire a warhead at it to see if it works, are you?” Henry: “Unfortunately no, not today.”
– The shout out to Monty Python and the Spanish Inquisition
– Parrish to Fargo: “Well, may the best man blah, blah, blah…”
– Senator: “…the most recent including Worm Holing Dr. Marten.” Fargo: “What? No, no, I swear we’ve only just kissed.”
– Parrish to Fargo: “You played D & D together? She told me she wasn’t into roleplaying.”
– Wallace Shawn acting out Carter’s memories.
– Dr. Hughes to Carter and Allison: “I just…I just…I get you! You know?”

What did you think of “This One Time At Space Camp…”? Did you like Wallace Shawn being back on the show? What do you think about who made the mission and who didn’t? Do you think Zo and Jane will be able to handle their new situation? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

On next week’s Eureka, a preliminary test results in someone taking an unexpected trip far far away. Make sure you tune in a couple of weeks, Monday, September 12 at 8 PM EDT for “One Small Step” on SyFy.

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