Drop Dead Diva “Toxic” Review

Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva “Toxic” Season 3 Episode 10 – When Jane heroically talks a suicidal man down from a roof ledge, she doesn’t expect the good deed to bite her on the ass. But by promising to take on the man’s case and investigate claims that a corporation knowingly built a school on toxic land, Jane creates a conflict of interest at work. She oversteps the line and finds herself fired by Parker.

With Grayson’s help, Jane builds a case against the corporation, hinging on the head of the corporation pulling his kids from the school because of the health dangers. The case collapses after he claims that the kids moved schools because they live with his estranged wife. But Jane and Grayson discover that he is still with his wife, and with a little help from a shamed Parker, Jane is able to prove the school’s land is toxic and win the case.

Meanwhile, Jane and Teri attend a Singles seminar run by an old school adversary after Teri’s mother scares them into going. When the speaker, Marcie, insults Jane, Teri lashes out by pretty much calling Marcie a slut. And thus Teri finds herself sued for ‘slander per se’ because she ‘impugned [Marcie’s] chastity’.

Since Jane is technically a witness, Teri goes to Kim for help. Teri’s little outbursts in court stop the case from being dismissed and it seems as though Marcie may actually win the case – but then Kim gets Marcie to admit that her name and business weren’t actually harmed in any way and the case folds.

The cases this week were pretty good, mostly because of the character interaction. The Marcie case was a bit hollow, but it was a fun way to focus on Teri and get a look at her life. She seems so confident and uncaring about what people say, it was saddening – but unsurprising – to learn that young Teri was bullied and insecure. Her relationship with her mother (and their newfound understanding at the end) was a nice touch – and her mother was hilarious. I’d be more than happy to see Ms Lee back again.

Jane’s case wasn’t the most exciting and, to be completely honest, I was disappointed that Jane’s firing wasn’t part of a plan by Parker to free her up to take the case. Parker is constantly made out to be the prat who has to redeem himself, but just once it would be nice to see him actually be the good guy right from the outset.

But the episode was a great way to see how close Jane and Grayson have become as friends; he was willing to risk losing his own job to help her. And we got a bit of headway in the ongoing saga of Grayson and Jane. By telling Jane that she was ‘invested’ in Grayson and ‘giving it away’, Cassie definitely said what Jane needed to hear, and it paved the way for Jane to finally make a choice about Grayson.

Jane needs to decide whether to tell Grayson how she feels or get over him completely. Dinner with the new judge seems to indicate that she’s chosen the latter option, but does anyone else have a bad feeling about Owen? He’s obviously very intelligent, but his smug ‘I know exactly what you’re thinking’ attitude smacks of arrogance. I wanted Jane to walk away to prove him wrong, but no, she just had to turn back. What do you think about Owen?

Meanwhile, Stacey’s got a recurring role on a TV show. Fred is upset when she calls him ‘her friend’ when speaking to paparazzi, but it’s nothing compared to his distress when he sees Stacey kissing her costar, Bryan. (She looked a little awkward, as if she may not really have wanted to kiss him at all – could Bryan be coercing her to keep her role on the show?) Poor Fred!

Overall: a pretty good episode. I love when Drop Dead Diva forgoes fancy cases to focus on the characters. Definitely recommended.

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