CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM “Car Periscope” Review

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM Car Periscope Season 8 Episode 8

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM “Car Periscope” Season 8 Episode 8 – In this episode Larry insults a one armed man, accuses a man with dementia of being a vile racist, tries to run the same one armed man down with his car which has been modified with a periscope, a brilliant new invention Larry is sure will fetch millions and which becomes the very first invention he invests a substantial amount of cash in, all because the inventor in question seems to be a man of integrity because he has an ugly wife. Oh, and Wanda Sykes shows up to steal his awesome new training coach.

It’s pretty much your typical episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, filled with little absurdities and amusing observations and ultimately enjoyable while watching, but quite easily forgettable. It sort of slinks back into the ring with all of those other moments where Larry insulted people; they got angry at Larry and he either went on the defensive and made them angrier or tried to back out of a bad situation-usually, without much luck. It’s a weird little formula which Curb Your Enthusiasm adheres to religiously.

One thing I love about Curb Your Enthusiasm is its structure: something touched upon in the opening few scenes is brought back into the picture by the end and wraps the episode up in a very funny way. This was the case with “Hero”, this was not really the case with “Car Periscope”. I know Curb Your Enthusiasm encourages more improvisation than most shows, but the admirable thing about improv is when you cannot tell whether the show is improvised or scripted. This episode the improv was either clumsy or the line readings were unconvincing, the structure of the episode offered nothing to the quality of it, and the jokes and gags were pretty forgettable.

There were some observations-like the idea that a man with an ugly wife can be trusted for having good integrity-which I thought were both really funny and really smart, but for all of those gags there were the shots of Larry looking disgusted at some fat woman shoving food into her face like a pig at a trough. And that I didn’t care for much, quite like this episode.

What did you think of this episode?

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