COUGAR TOWN The Complete Second Season DVD Review

ABC is releasing the second season of COUGAR TOWN on DVD. The DVD contains all 22 episodes of the season as well as bonus features, of course. The bonus features include a look at the evolution of the show from the writers and cast, six webisodes called “Andy’s Dreams”, deleted scenes and outtakes.

Cougar Town is a half hour comedy show that really came along, in my opinion, in this second season. The first season centered around Jules Cobb (played by Courtney Cox) and her search for love, young love, after a breakup with her ex, Bobby Cobb (Brian Van Holt). The first season felt forced and I did not think it was really that funny. It just felt off. The writers must have been feeling the same because they expanded on the good parts and created one of the funniest shows around. Now, in the second season, Cougar Town is more of an ensemble centering around the “Cul De Sac Crew” including Jules, her boyfriend Grayson (Josh Hopkins), Andy (Ian Gomez) and Ellie (Christa Miller), Laurie (Busy Phillips) and Jules’ son Travis (Dan Byrd). The change in format is even acknowledged on the cover of the DVD where there is a quote that says “Cougar Town, no longer a show about cougars!” Amen.

In addition to reliving hilarious moments with the cast including Penny Can, Big Carl, and just about anything Travis ever says, there are bonus features too. Want to know more about those? Of course you do.

Still Called Cougar Town: Season 2 – This feature is a kind of a behind-the-scenes look and interview with the writers and cast members who talk about the fact that the show started off about one thing and evolved into something entirely different, yet still bears the same (unrelated) name. There are many tidbits to be found in the conversations. The writers discuss how they come up with ideas for the characters, how much things are exaggerated for the screen (or not), and point out how the title card changes with every show in the second season. This bonus feature is about 8 minutes long and very informative.

Andy’s Dreams – There are six webisodes featuring Andy (Ian Gomez) dreaming about various things. Typically he and Bobby Cobb are involved in these dreams which probably could use some analysis. I quickly became annoyed with these as I did not find them very entertaining or even with a point. However, if Andy is one of your favorite characters, this might be something you would enjoy.

Deleted scenes – There are six deleted scenes from four different episodes. Three of them are from the same episode entitled “You’re Gonna Get It”. The only one that I really wished would have made it to the actual episode was “Laurie Got Dropped.” It featured a moment of total seriousness between Jules and Ellie discussing Laurie’s breakup.

Outtakes – These were not that bad. I always enjoy the physical bloopers when unexpected things happen. There were a few here including running into something that was not supposed to be there and dropping things. There is also something that Josh does that seems to drive his cast mates nuts. Not bad for a blooper reel.

This is a DVD I would buy, mainly because this has been the best season of Cougar Town so far and I am a fan. This is not a DVD I would buy for its bonus features alone, though. The commentary about how the show evolved is a plus, but the rest are just your usual features found on every DVD. Having said that, Cougar Town fans go buy this! And if you are not a Cougar Town fan, what are you waiting for? You are missing out and should certainly catch up before the show comes back in the fall, supposedly with a new name.

Cougar Town: The Complete Second Season will be released on DVD tomorrow, Tuesday August 30th.

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