AGAINST THE WALL “Baby Did a Bad Thing” Review

AGAINST THE WALL "Baby, Did a Bad Thing" Episode 5 (5)

AGAINST THE WALL “Baby Did a Bad Thing” Season 1 Episode 5 – In “Baby Did a Bad Thing,” Against the Wall gave us exposed secrets, undercover strippers and a clubhouse that could rival the Sons of Anarchy’s.

The action gets started when an exotic dancer gets thrown out a window; turns out she was a favorite of an ex-cop who frequents a strip club. It’s a tenuous tie, but apparently enough to get IA involved. As it turns out, there’s already a detective on the case…she just happens to be lap-dancing in her beaded underwear. Supernatural fans know her as Jo; somewhere Dean Winchester is crying over what could have been.

I was a little surprised when the undercover stripper thing didn’t really go anywhere. Her cover wasn’t blown, so she can stay at the club, gathering info. Maybe we’ll visit her again someday. It’s forensic evidence, not a witness statement, that leads Abby and Lina to a historic home that was the actual site of the murder. Turns out it’s more than just a house–it’s a long-time playground for a elite group of cops that happens to include Abby’s father.

Of course, he had nothing to do with the murder, although it was committed by another cop, who was then killed by the original, stripper-happy ex-cop, but not before he murdered the pimp he tried to frame. Convoluted? You betcha. And not nearly as interesting as this week’s personal drama.

After Brody strong-arms Abby into sticking around for pizza and board games after sex, he starts to think he might want more out of their relationship. Abby clearly doesn’t. She likes the secret, no-strings sex as she’s decided that she just doesn’t have the time for anything real, like what Lina has with her virile husband Carlos. I don’t know where Abby’s fear of commitment comes from; she has great marriage role models, but she seems terrified of the possibility of settling down. I hope that gets addressed more in the future.

While at the scene of the crime, Brody very blatantly (and I think absolutely on purpose) brushes hair off Abby’s face and the tender gesture is not missed by her brother (and his partner) Richie. He loses it and Abby’s father has to break up the ensuing fist fight. Richie is a little possessive here; he goes so far as to tell Abby that she’s not a teenager anymore. He expects her to act more mature, I suppose, which is a wicked double standard. Men at thirty are still allowed to be carefree bachelors, but healthy, sexually active women with great careers of the same age better be looking for The One.

Abby, who finds Brody good enough to sleep with, but not good enough to take home to Mom (even though Mom loves him), ends their friends-with-benefits deal. It’s a second blow to Brody who also loses his partner when Richie puts in a request for a new one. I feel for the guy. He wanted to treat Abby like a girlfriend and not a sex buddy. She just wouldn’t let him.

Is this because Abby still wants the cute lawyer? I think next week’s Against the Wall is set to answer that very question. And lets hope the answer gets more screen time than the case of the week, because this show is so much better with the personal.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you get a cake craving almost every week or is it just me? What is Abby’s relationship damage? Let me know below!