DOCTOR WHO “Let’s Kill Hitler” Review

DOCTOR WHO "Let’s Kill Hitler" Season 6 Episode 8 (3)

DOCTOR WHO “Let’s Kill Hitler” Season 6, Episode 8 – So much happened in this week’s episode of Doctor Who that I’m not exactly sure where to start. I had prepared myself to patiently wait through a couple episodes before we would actually make some headway with the Melody Pond search so I was pleasantly surprised when Hitler was quickly crammed into a closet after a good punch out from Rory.

I never suspected that Mels, Rory and Amy’s childhood friend, would end up being Melody Pond/River Song when she first screeched through that corn field in her red Corvette. I was a little irritated with the arrival of this pushy new character but it turned out that she was an old character in an unfamiliar body. Having Mels regenerate after being hit by Hitler’s stray bullet was an absolutely brilliant way to completely change the direction of the episode. We had been led to believe that this would be a somewhat independent episode when the reality was that this was very much a continuation of events that had been set up throughout this Doctor Who series.

We witnessed the start of River Song’s romance with The Doctor and we saw the moment she gave up her regenerative abilities to save him, making her the normal human he met years earlier in The Library. We learned that it was the TARDIS herself that taught River how to operate the controls, and that The Doctor gave River the TARDIS blue notebook she carries with her.

The newly regenerated River Song was a self described psychopath and somehow she seemed much younger and more volatile than the person we had met in earlier episodes, but without a doubt, she was the same River Song. There was a lot of play with the names for Melody/River, being named after one another over and over again – Melody being named after Mels (I loved The Doctor’s response when he realized, “you named your daughter… after your daughter?”) and River Song taking the name River Song only after she had heard the name from The Doctor.

The Doctor had explained that Melody had been brainwashed by the people that kidnapped her and the montage of her growing up with Rory and Amy reflected the effect of that brainwashing. In every classroom at every age, she explained that the bad things that happened throughout history were a result of the fact that “The Doctor did not intervene.” It gave us some insight into the ideology of the people that took Melody and helps us to understand how they view The Doctor.

Through the shape shifting, time traveling Teselecta used by the Justice Department, we also got some information about The Silence. It turns out that The Silence isn’t just that race of sneaky creatures that we had seen at the start of the season, but a religious order that believes that silence will fall when the oldest question in the universe is asked, “a question hidden in plain sight.” Of course, the question itself is unknown, but it was an order of The Movement of The Silent and The Academy of the Question that had sent Melody/River on a mission to kill The Doctor. Whether or not The Silence wants silence to actually fall, it appears The Doctor is in the way of their plans.

The Justice Department believes that Melody Pond is responsible for the death of The Doctor in Utah and many signs point to Melody being the little girl in the space suit. Knowing Doctor Who, I doubt it will actually end up being so straightforward. Because he downloaded data from the Teselecta, The Doctor now knows the date, time and location of his future death. He’s got a couple hundred years to decide what he wants to do. Maybe he spent that time planning his own viking funeral or maybe he figured out something else altogether.

There were a ton of great little bits in this episode and I could go on forever quoting my favorite lines. The first half of the episode was loaded with hilarious moments (The Doctor devastated because Amy never said he was hot, and Amy telling Rory, “you’re gay” were some of my favorites) and Rory was pretty awesome early in the episode kicking Nazi butt.

I particularly enjoyed The Doctor in the TARDIS interacting with the Voice Interface. Seeing his own image and his past 3 companions, he’s overwhelmed with feelings of self loathing, failure and guilt. Despite her grim 32 minute countdown to his imminent death, little Amelia Pond and her fish fingers and custard brings him courage and hope. He’s motivated to keep his promise to Amy and Rory to find and save Melody Pond.

It was an incredible start to the second half of the season and although there was a lot of information to process, I’m thrilled to have some answers and am looking forward to where Doctor Who will go next.