Buffy Alum D.B.Woodside To Stir Up Trouble on PARENTHOOD

Actor D.B. Woodside, best known for his role as Principal Robin Wood, will be stirring up some trouble on the NBC family drama PARENTHOOD in a five-episode arc.

He will play Dr. Joseph Prestidge, an Ivy League-educated doctor and potential love interest for Jasmine (Joy Bryant). It would seem that the relationship between Crosby (Dax Shepard) and Jasmine isn’t as happy as it seemed at the end of Season 2; there could be some trouble as Season 3 picks up on their story per The Hollywood Reporter.

According to executive producer Jason Katims, “What we find out is that things maybe didn’t work out for them quite as well as it seemed to have appeared to be going at the end of last year and there are still issues to work out in their relationship.”

Observant TV viewers will remember Woodside from his work on 24, but he has also appeared in Hellcats and Single Ladies. He will first appear in Parenthood in the third episode of the season.

Parenthood returns for its third season on September 13 at 10/9c on NBC.