FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS “The Benefits of Mardi Gras”; “The Benefit of Mentors” Review

Friends with Benefits

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS “The Benefits of Mardi Gras” and “The Benefit of Mentors” Season 1, Episodes 7 – Mardis Gras and porn…Friends with Benefits had kind of a theme week with its two new episodes, “The Benefits of Mardi Gras” and “The Benefit of Mentors.” Getting naked will get you stuff.

Sara, like her real-life actress, is from Louisiana and she invites the gang down to her parents’ house for New Orleans on the same weekend that her sister is having a baby shower. Perfect timing. Of course, Sara picks a fight with her sister over the inheritance of a sapphire ring just before they head south. The ring ends up in a King Cake which Ben, in what I can only assume was a Hurricane-induced binge, scarfs down, ring and all.

Ah, bring out the laxative jokes. They always get the party goin’. I found myself far more entertained by Aaron, Fitz and Riley out on Bourbon Street. To get over his fear of sudden nudity, Aaron gets blitzed and mistakes a random chick for Riley. While he’s hooking up with her, the real Riley is puking her guts out thanks to some oyster shots. Finally! An accurate representation of Mardi Gras on TV! What’s really telling is that Aaron clearly still has feelings for Riley. I would rather they hook up than Ben and Sara, mostly because Sara seems to be on a quest to insult everything I love. This week it was Lord of the Rings, which she doesn’t need to know about because she’s pretty. Her words.

So, the sister goes into labor at her shower and Sara delivers the baby and they make up…all before the appetizers are even served. See, when I decide to have a kid, I want to do it on a television sitcom. The labor is always fast and funny and you wind up with a healthy three month old who’s already been cleaned for you.

In the second half of the hour, Aaron deals with a “porn-nado” on Ben’s computer (his work computer…didn’t he get fired for sexual harassment last week?) and discovers that a girl he once tutored in math has become the best little whore on the internet. And it’s kind of his fault; he told her to figure out what hole in her life needed to filled. Ha! That was kind of funny. Of course, after they sleep together, he takes it upon himself to sanitize her life by literally removing her from the web. Can’t a girl have a relationship and a career? Must we always choose?!?

Over in Riley-land (I love Riley-land), she’s decided to start dating an older doctor at Sara’s hospital. This is great for Sara’s career…until the doctor falls head over heels and Riley doesn’t. Sucks to be him, especially when he believes Riley’s blow-off technique and moves to Egypt to be with her…where he winds up sharing a hookah with another of her ex-boyfriends who did the same. When did Riley start becoming my favorite character?

Probably when Fitz kept letting me down. This week, he and Ben started a pointless game of one-up as they each tried to win the heart of the girlfriend of an acquaintance that they accidentally put into the hospital. Really, Fitz? I expect this sort of thing from Ben, but I had higher hopes for you.

Amazingly, there were no friends having benefits in this week’s episodes of Friends with Benefits. Huh. I wonder if the writers noticed. They’ll probably make up for it next week.

Things I Liked: Riley proving, once again, that she’s the best wing-woman in the world by flashing her boobs to get beads so that the guys could give them to other girls who flashed their boobs; Aaron folding his clothes before sex.

Things I’m Looking Forward To: Riley figuring out that Aaron might be the one.

Best Line: “We won’t let you say or do anything bad. We’ll be like Tom Cruise’s first publicist.”