ROOKIE BLUE “Best Laid Plans” Review

ROOKIE BLUE “Best Laid Plans” Season 2 Episode 10 – There are only three episodes left of this season of Rookie Blue, and it has been a wonderful summer for the show which, frankly, I was not too fond of last year, mainly because it veered too often into melodrama, between Andy’s love triangle and her clichéd ridden alcoholic father who used to be the man on the police force who she was now burdened with, the show felt like an amalgamation of other shows and never really moved out of its box and became its own thing.

However, the second season changed my opinions of the show. It started off strongly, and only got stronger as the show subverted expectations for the clichéd and instead brought on interesting cases while developing their tertiary characters, keeping the core characters front and center, giving them, for the most part, interesting things to do and arcs which complimented the actors’ talents. In short, the second season really built up the world of Rookie Blue and though I sound like a huge nerd, I’m a sucker for world building.

Out of a second season which provided many strong episodes, this was probably my favorite. I say probably only because having just finished watching it, I cannot predict how I’ll feel towards the episode in a week’s time, but it was just such a satisfying, well laid out, interestingly structured episode which was not afraid to break out of the safe confines in which the show has built and it trusted that their audience was smart enough to keep up with the time jumps and edited in a way which made those jumps smooth and non-jarring. Most importantly, it told a really good story, or rather a series of really good stories within a bigger story, so that the episode itself reminded me of one of those Russian dolls.

There was a lot of character development. Diaz finds out about the kiss shared between Gail and a very high Epstein. There was a nice bit of play as Diaz goes off the rails at Dov for kissing Gail and then, it seemed, breaks up with Gail, pointing out that she would never let anyone get close enough to her to kiss her unless she really wanted them to. It offered a lot of complexity in the relationship between these three, not to mention the fact that Epstein is now definitely dating the bomb detonator woman which, I’m sorry, but if he goes for Gail after she showed him how to dismantle a bomb on an X-Box, he really deserves to be castrated.

Then there was the whole Andy and Swarek storyline, which was just so good. It starts off with them in pursuit of a kidnapper’s car, only to come across a car accident, where a woman is pinned inside her car. Shots are fired, and while McNally takes care of the woman, Swarek heads off to locate the shots. This entire storyline takes place in about twenty minutes, but it’s cut back and forth over the course of the whole episode and it provides both the emotional stakes and realizations which a good case of Rookie Blue will bring, but also some high stakes as the woman’s life is in jeopardy and Swarek has run off after the shots and Andy has to calm the woman down and bandage her up on her own because the emergency services nearby have been detained at a fire.

It was an episode of expert pacing, scripting and featured some wonderful acting. The semi-happy ending: the kid, whose druggie father kidnapped him, was recovered but the woman with whom Andy formed a strong bond and who Andy literally pulled out of a burning car (by the way, that scene was fantastic) died in the hospital. Having Andy find out the news in her locker room, in such a shitty, casual way was sad (I loved that Peregryn did not react with tears but with a sort of resigned denial) but the real punch to the gut came when Andy went to her apartment, fed her stupid cat and listened to her songs, her unfinished dreams. It was just a great way to end a great episode of Rookie Blue.

Oh, and Swarek is heading off to do some undercover work. We’ll see what happens with that in the last lap of the season.

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