Jason Alexander Headed To HARRY’S LAW

Jason Alexander

Seinfeld alumni Jason Alexander, who played the kooky and crazy George Constanza on the long running Jerry Seinfeld comedy, is making his way to HARRY’S LAW this season, according to TV Guide. Alexander will show up as a guest star in Harry’s fifth episode as a public school teacher who finds himself in a bind after being suspended.

Alexander’s character Richard reportedly becomes enraged after one of his students, Zack, calls Darwinism “a crock.” Does this mean we’ll see Alexander go on one of his signature tirades when he decides to flunk the kid? Resident Harriet Korn (Kathy Bates) of Harry’s Law will be taking the case to court.

Since leaving Seinfeld, the fifty-one year old Jason Alexander has been busy with short films, is the artistic director of L.A.’s Reprise Theatre Company, and has been seen in The Cleveland Show, Franklin and Bash, the TV series Fish Hooks as Mr. Nibbles, and American Dad. Harry’s Law will premiere its sophomore season on NBC September 21st at 9 pm ET/PT.

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