WILFRED “Doubt” Review

WILFRED (FX) Doubt Episode 11

WILFRED “Doubt” Season 1 Episode 11 – WILFRED wasn’t AS bizarre this week as it has been in the weeks prior. Don’t misunderstand, the show will ALWAYS be odd, but I don’t feel that “Doubt” was as over the top as other episodes have been.

Ryan has given up smoking pot, and Wilfred cannot come to terms with the change. Once he finds out that Ryan is going to his sister’s yoga class, he almost flies off the deep end.

The funniest part of the episode took place approximately forty-five seconds in. Ryan begins vacuuming his basement and Wilfred FREAKS out from the vacuum and pounces on the machine, eventually beating it in to pieces. He then proclaims “it’s okay, Ryan. It’s dead.” I laughed for a long time from that scene – and then it was small smiles until the episode’s end.

Ryan meets up with this guy named Bruce who tells him that he can also see Wilfred. Not only can he see him, but he used to KNOW the dog quite well, and that Wilfred had caused Bruce to do some pretty bad things… and almost ruined his life. Ryan starts believing Bruce as the stranger explains the things that he and the dog did together – and they all sound strangely similar to Ryan’s relationship with Wilfred.

Eventually the parallels become too much, and when Bruce tells Ryan that he has to leave Wilfred in a field and GET RID OF HIM, Ryan takes his advice. When he turns to leave the dog, Bruce appears and Wilfred pretends not to see the man, just to screw with Ryan. Eventually he comes around, and Bruce pulls out a gun to shoot Wilfred for everything that he’d done to him in the past.

A scuffle occurs, and Ryan shoots Bruce to save Wilfred, and then discovers that the entire thing – Bruce, the gun, etc. was all a set up. Of COURSE it was, Ryan.

It seems like a moment of clarity when Ryan is sitting staring at the clouds, and truthfully I thought that the camera was going to pan to Ryan talking to an ACTUAL dog, and that would be the end of Wilfred, but instead, Ryan’s Wilfred hands him over the pot, and Ryan is back to his old self again.

I’m sort of disappointed that a series like Wilfred that started so strong has kind of lost it’s appeal for me. I’m hoping that more episodes will pick up and maybe the humor of the first few episodes will come back.

What did you think about Wilfred?