THE LYING GAME “Being Sutton” Review


THE LYING GAME “Being Sutton” Episode 2 – Last week ABC introduced us to THE LYING GAME, a new series involving a set of identical twins, Emma and Sutton, who grew up worlds apart. Emma has been in and out of foster homes and in trouble with the law, despite being extremely level headed and sincere. Meanwhile Sutton has been living in Arizona with a well off family in a giant home. Somehow the two found each other and in a very poorly decided moment, switched lives so that Sutton could go find the truth about their real parents. Naturally the two days Sutton promised has now turned into more.

This second episode of The Lying Game was called “Being Sutton” as most of the episode involved Emma trying to continue with her charade of living her twin sister’s life without anyone finding out she is not Sutton. The title, however, is not very accurate. Try as she might, Emma cannot really be Sutton. She is too nice, too caring and just too different from the Sutton that everyone else knew. From her parents whom I believe Sutton really never gave much thought to, to her sister whom Sutton may have openly despised, all the way down to her friends, everyone seems happier with the “new” Sutton. That is, everyone loves Emma. It will be very interesting if down the line all is revealed. Will Sutton’s family and friends choose her or Emma?

Before we can get there however, we have to deal with the issues in the present time. Naturally Sutton has caught up with Thayer, her friend’s brother who left for LA to follow his dream. A part of me wonders if Sutton is really searching for her parents or just wanted some alone time with what would be her third boyfriend and second secret boyfriend? Why would she hide him from Emma and Ethan?

After this week’s drunken shenanigans with Alec, Thayer’s father, and his sly comment to Sutton’s mother about how they made one big mistake, I wonder if the identity of the girls’ parents is easier found at home. Is it possible that the parents of all of the girls, former friends themselves, are holding on to a truly big secret, that Sutton is actually one of their children? Could Sutton’s mother and Alec had something going on? There is something just below the surface in that group and I cannot wait for it to show its ugly head.

We have only had one mention of the title of the show, The Lying Game. Apparently the Lying Games are games that Sutton and her friends concocted to mess with people. These games, from what I can tell, involved a lot of lying and videos uploaded to You Tube. Now that Sutton’s laptop is gone, I wonder if those will start to surface and how that will affect Sutton and Emma. There is an almost perfect set up to leave Emma as Sutton and especially to blame her for anything gone wrong as, because of the Lying Games, no one will believe Emma when she tells the truth. Look what happened when she told the cop who she really was.

Are you watching The Lying Game? Do you like it? I love it. I think it is similar to Pretty Little Liars, but with, so far, less criminal overtones, but plenty of secrets. What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you think Sutton plans on returning to Arizona anytime soon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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