SUPERNATURAL Thursdays – Season Seven Thoughts

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Okay, SUPERNATURAL fans! We’re down to just a little less than a month until the season seven premiere (thank goodness, right?) and every social site has been blowing up with spoilers, hypothesis, and questions to mark the new season.

This week on Supernatural Thursday I want to open up the column to you guys. The fans are the (dare I say it?) heart that keeps Supernatural going, so I want to hear all your thoughts, ideas, rants, fears, hopes, anything that you can muster up about season seven.

To keep it fair, I’ll post a few of my own thoughts, but I expect you guys to share as well!

SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t seen Supernatural through the season finale of season six, there will be MAJOR spoilers for the series. You’ve been warned.

Castiel Gets Rid Of The Souls


I don’t know how, and I don’t know when, but I truly hope the writers give Castiel an “out” with the souls that he’s carrying around. We all know that Cas isn’t going to be a recurring character in season seven, so it seems that there are a few ways this can play out.

Castiel could keep the souls and. kill himself from the power they possess. Granted, this would take half of the globe with him, but you know, sacrifice is the Supernatural way.

What I would REALLLLLY like to see is Castiel dropping the souls back into purgatory (or hell, why not even heaven? They’ve served their purpose, heaven seems like a nice reward) and this, in some way, causes him to “fall” and become human.

I pretty much want to see this for my own selfish purposes – I want to see Castiel as a human. And I DON’T like him as God.

Given the preview of season seven that premiered on the CW last week, it seems that we’re all in for a shock with this new Castiel, so regardless of what happens with the souls, his character is one that will be interesting to watch.

Can We Get Back To “Brotherly Love”, Please?

supernatural thursday - brothers

Somewhere along the line between Sam’s demon blood addiction, Sam’s soulless-ness and not telling Dean, and well. just Sam over all, the brother bond has been a little. lacking.

Not that I blame Dean for not trusting Sam. I understand his motives and understand why he’s a little skittish, but from the beginning Supernatural has been about family. And I see this theme getting farther and farther away from the plot of the show.

What I would like to see in season seven is more of the Sam and Dean relationship from seasons prior. I know the characters have grown and people change, but that bond between siblings is something that can’t be broken.

More Legends And Things That Go Bump In The Night


PLEASE, please, PLEASE can we bring back mythology to the show?

More urban legends, and more cases where research is involved! I like a through story as much as the next person. However, I miss those episodes where the writers would bring in creatures and things from different religions and different folklore.

That is what drew me to Supernatural from the beginning, and while it doesn’t have to be EVERY episode, just a few sprinkled in would be awesome.

Ramifications From The Apocalypse


So. the apocalypse is over, right? Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Cas (mainly Sam) stopped it and everything is right in the world. But. um. the four horsemen were still unleashed and things still went down that we don’t know a lot about.

I’d like to see (which I understand I probably won’t get, but this is my wish list) a little more information about WHAT exactly happened with the apocalypse. What were some of the results? Maybe even have Dean and Sam cleaning up after the mess. just SOMETHING other than what we got.

Lucifer walked the freaking earth for MONTHS – something had to happen.

What If This Is The End?


While I don’t like to say it, seven seasons may very well be the end for Supernatural (I also said that about six seasons, so my track record isn’t the best). If season seven is the end, and there is no more room for Sam and Dean, what sort of ending can the writers come up with that will be enough for a rabid fan base? I happily include myself in that sentence, by the way.

For me, the boys can’t really ever live a “normal” life. Dean tried and looked how that turned out, extenuating circumstances or not. So a “happy” ending isn’t really in the cards. However, on the flip side of that, I don’t want either of them to kick the bucket, so they can’t DIE. which leaves, what?

Hunting for the rest of their lives? I guess that’s not the WORST ending in the world, and since I don’t know the full story arc of the seventh season, I won’t know where the characters will stand come May of 2012. But I do know that if this IS the end. well, the writers have their hands full with creating an ending that will be enough for everyone.


I could go on for a while longer about what I DON’T want to see in season seven, along with a BUNCH of different fears, but I think I’ll open this up to you guys! Let me know what you think about season seven. We’ll see by hiatus how close we all were with our predictions and if any of our worse fears came true.

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