SUITS (USA) “Shelf Life” Review

SUITS (USA) "Shelf Life" Episode 10

SUITS (USA) “Shelf Life” Episode 10 – So much to talk about in this episode, I hardly know where to begin. Poor Mike is gets presented with his possible future when Harvey has to fire one of the firm’s accountants because he lied on his resume about his education and experience. But though seeing what Stan had to go through scared Mike, I think what he’s not realizing is that Stan didn’t have someone like Harvey on his side.

In the end I found it extremely interesting that Mike asks Harvey why he did this TO him. That’s a very interesting question, from both sides. Why would Mike say that? If he thought things were so terrible for him, then (as Harvey said) why not quit? And yet, Mike does have a point. Harvey doesn’t do things unless they’re for himself. Or does he? I think Harvey is trying his damndest to raise Mike up to his level, but what I’m not sure about is why. Why does he want this kid to break out of his shell and be all that he has the potential to be? Did someone do the same for him once? Is he trying to return the favor? I’m hoping we get to find out more about that soon.

The other thing I loved seeing in this episode was how Harvey will fight tooth and nail to protect Mike from others. When Jessica or anyone attacks his protégé, he acts like a papa bear, all growls and fierce glares. But at the same time, he doesn’t go easy on Mike. He’s protective yet demanding at the same time and again, I’m dying to know why.

Finally there’s the love triangle between Mike, Jenny and Rachel. At first Jenny seemed like the perfect girl to me. Mike didn’t have to hide his secret from her at all and in this ep she even goes out of her way to help him. But when all is said and done, she’s got about the same influence on his life as Trevor did. In other words, she gets him in trouble. Yet with Rachel he has someone who he can’t be himself with (at least not yet), but she also represents his new life – a place where he should be heading towards, at least in my opinion.

My favorite bits..

Trying to decide which I like better – Tuxedo Harvey or Shirtless Harvey from a couple episodes ago. Such a tough decision..

Jessica threatening to give the “boys” a time out. Haha!

“I’d be willing to stand in a corner if you agree to paddle his bottom.” – OMG I think that has just become my new favorite line on this show.

Jenny quickly going back on her suggestion to take things slow. Not that I blame her of course.

Rachel finding Mike sleeping under a table.

Rachel getting herself a little peek of a Shirtless Mike. Not that I blame her, either.

Cracking up at the fact that Louis has multiple pictures of himself around his office. Why does that not surprise me in the least?

The look on Mike’s face when Stanley said he was really looking forward to seeing Harvey’s balls.

Harvey telling Jessica that he didn’t realize she was keeping score on Mike, but even if she was, he was still coming out ahead. Awesome.

“There are two things that lawyers love to do – drink and talk.” – As one who knows a lawyer, I can attest to that.

“Monkeys aren’t smarter than humans, sorry.”
“Well, it depends on what humans you’re talking about, I guess.” – Oh burn! Nice one Mike.

It’s almost sad, watching Harvey take down a guy on the level of someone like Joe The Security Guard. No one ever has a chance against him.

“First of all, I didn’t pay him off.”
“Second of all, if I hadn’t paid him off you’d be in jail right now.”

Wow, lookie there. I just learned the difference between a “shell company” and a “shelf company.” Who knew that this show could be so educational?

Everyone groaning in sympathy while watching Louis get kicked in the family jewels on the security footage. Ouch.

Whoa! I nearly dropped my laptop when Rachel kissed Mike out of the blue. I’m not sure who was more surprised, him or me.

Harvey managing to yell at Mike in person and on the phone at the same time. Now that takes some talent.

“It was easy. Even if I don’t really have a degree.” – Mike’s smile when Stan said that was awesome.

Oh boy, Jessica is kinda scary when she’s pissed. Don’t mess with her.

Mike telling Stan that his most valuable asset was his mind and no one could take that away.

Harvey reminding Jessica that he wasn’t the only one who did all the work on the case. Love it!

That final conversation between Harvey and Mike. Wow, just wow.

Louis telling Jenny that maybe she should pick up Mike more often. Oh you naughty man, you. Anyone else getting that he’s got a thing for Rachel himself?

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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