PROJECT RUNWAY “Off The Track” Review

project runway season 9

PROJECT RUNWAY “Off The Track” Season 9 Episode 5 – It was another group challenge tonight on PROJECT RUNWAY; and it quickly dropped Bert into the spot of my LEAST favorite designer personality wise.

I don’t know what that guy’s issues are, but he needs to become a team player when he’s working in a group setting. He also needs to know it’s not cool when you’re on the runway laughing at your fellow designers. While I agree that Anthony Ryan’s piece wasn’t the most flattering thing in the world and that it needed a ton of work, to have a fellow designer laughing at your work while you’re being critiqued (or ripped to shreds) by the judges, it has to be unnerving.

To get on with the the actual episode review, the designers were given the challenge to use Heidi’s new sneakers for New Balance and create a three piece collection that not only used the material of the sneakers (denim and suede) but would also work with the model WEARING the sneakers. Turns out this was NOT an easy feat.

After waking at what seemed like an ungodly hour of the morning, the designers notice that they all have shorts and sneakers waiting for them, along with a quick note from Heidi. They need to meet her and Tim at the New Balance track. She explains that the designers are going to run for their spots to become team captains, and the four fastest will earn this honor.

Now, before the race even begins, Cecilia decides that she no longer wants to be in the competition and steps down. This comes as a shock to everyone (except the audience) and now it leaves the teams one person short. So what does Heidi do? Well, after the race winners cross the finish line, Viktor’s team is the one left with one designer short.

Heidi then tells Viktor and Olivier (his first choice for teammate) that they get to choose from the last four designers that were sent home and bring them back into the competition. They choose Josh C, which EVERYONE is thrilled about.

The remaining teams are broken out like this: Josh K (captain) chooses to work with Anya, and then decides that Becky will be a great addition to the team to help with sewing. That’s right, he actually states that she was chosen because of her sewing skills, not her design skills.

This shows prominently in the episode when he and Anya do not allow Becky to design anything, but rely on her for construction, and when Josh actually calls Becky’s designs “dowdy”. I don’t know about you, but as a designer, I would be LIVID if someone said that to me after treating me like an intern for the entire day. So we have team drama number one.

Moving on to Anthony Ryan’s team. He chooses Laura first, probably because of the success of the stilt challenge, and unfortunately, they become stuck with Bert. Bert acts like a child through the entire design process as well as the construction portion of the episode. He does not listen to either one of his teammates, and his behavior even prompts Anthony Ryan to explain that when they’re speaking about the process on the runway, Bert cannot feel that he and Laura are “throwing him under the bus” because Bert is not willing to make any changes to ANYTHING that he is working on. Bert agrees, and says that he understands. So, team drama number two.

Our final team is Bryce’s, and well… Bryce choose Danielle and Kimberly to assist him in this challenge. While there wasn’t any drama on this team, they all seemed to flounder around a lot and didn’t really have direction on what they should be doing. Kimberly constructed some stunning shorts, but Danielle just brought another chiffon blouse to the show. Again. ENOUGH already with the chiffon, Danielle!

I wll say that Bryce’s dress was a fun, funky little thing, and the judges did seem to like it as well. This made me happy as I enjoy Bryce as an addition to the Project Runway family and would HATE to see him go.

Once on the runway (after being given an extra five hours by Heidi) we see a lot of looks that lack in a lot of different places. Olivier’s long jersey skirt was enough to make me wrinkle my nose and for the judges to call it “farm”ish, and Anthony Ryan’s garment was just one big hot mess.

I can say that because he even agreed with me. The judges jump right into asking the trouble teams questions about working together, and this is where Bert needs to shape up. Anthony Ryan was explaining the situation that occurred, and Bert flat out called him a liar. He then proceeded to laugh at the comments and even toss in a few of his own, when the judges were critiquing Anthony Ryan’s piece (which WAS bad), but you DON’T DO THAT, BERT!

The judges put Danielle and Anthony Ryan in the bottom two, and Danielle was informed that she was “out”. Thank goodness. Apparently the same look several weeks in a row is not the best strategy.

Heidi then explains that there are TWO winners – Josh M’s maxi dress and Viktor’s ADORABLE dress with the motorcycle jacket. Both designs will be available for purchase on I’ve already gone to look for Viktor’s dress and it is not online as of yet; but I WILL own it.

Another exciting episode of Project Runway! I just hope that Bert is sent home soon, just because I do NOT enjoy his attitude.