Necessary Roughness
NECESSARY ROUGHNESS “Forget Me Not” Season 1 Episode 9 – I never imagined I would get into a show that revolves around sports, but halfway through “Forget Me Not,” this week’s Necessary Roughness, I realized that I was actually immersed in the plot and interested in the characters. And for a girl who spent four years at Florida State University and never went to a single football game, that is definitely saying something.

This week, Dani’s new client was Talas, a female boxer with selective amnesia. I always thought head injuries and memory loss were just an occupational hazard of boxing, but Dani quickly figured out that Talas was repressing a memory that involved a bearded man and a birthday party. I think it says something about my own, Law and Order: SVU-fed cynicism that my first thought was molestation via pedophile. I’m glad I was wrong and the man turned out to be Talas’s biological father who only physically abused her. Dramatic, but less sensational.

In her spare time, Dani continued to see her Doctors Without Borders boyfriend. After her kids mistook him for a burglar, she was forced to confess that she’d started post-divorce dating. I was a little puzzled that her daughter would have an issue with her mother moving on. Didn’t Dani’s ex cheat on her? Did Lindsay give her father the same speech? Let’s just go ahead and say that the parent who gets cheated on doesn’t owe anyone an explanation when they start to see someone else after the divorce. Glad to see that Dani agrees.

Over in the Land of T.K., things were not going so great. His new-found guru turned out to be a fraud (just like everyone tried to tell him) who left him stranded in Miami, an hour before practice started in New York, with nothing but two hung-over groupies and a $50,000 hotel bill. Oh, T.K. I think in the hands of a different actor, this character would be ridiculous, but Mehcad Brooks plays him as a little boy who got too much, too fast and never really grew up. You can see why Dani doesn’t mind it when T.K. shows up at her door in the middle of the night, ready to resume his real therapy. He’s got money and fame and talent, but he has no idea how to deal with any of it.

Ever on the lookout for developing romantic subplots, I was glad that Matthew broke up with Laura when he found out she manipulated him into considering a job across the country because she had decided to move to California. This put him back on the market, but Dani’s all cozy with her doctor now. You dropped the ball there, Matthew. Maybe Nico will pick it up…

So, yes, I’m sort of hooked on Necessary Roughness and I refuse to feel ashamed of that fact. I think it’s really picking up, finding it’s stride. More and more, I’m looking forward to it each week.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Is it one of the requirements of their sport that women boxers corn-row their hair? Are you loving the opening credit shot that changes every week? Let me know below!