CHILDRENS HOSPITAL “Party Down” Advance Review

Childrens Hospital

CHILDRENS HOSPITAL “Party Down” Season 3, Episode 13 – I was lucky enough to catch a sneak peek at this week’s much anticipated “Party Down” episode of Childrens Hospital. Although the guest appearances by Martin Starr, Lizzy Caplan and Ryan Hansen are brief, they are worth the wait for fans of the cancelled Starz series, Party Down.

Of course, this is still an episode of Childrens Hospital and the plot revolves around the usual hospital staff doing their usual non-hospital things. This time, Valerie discovers that Glenn has never had a bar mitzvah of his own, so she takes it upon herself to throw him the greatest bar mitzvah a boy could imagine. As Glenn prepares for his overdue rite of passage, he is forced to confront his long time nemesis, Rabbi Jewy McJewJew, who has come to Childrens Hospital to help Valerie with the details of the bar mitzvah.

All the buzz in the hospital about ceremonial rites of passage somehow leads Owen to the realization that he wants to recover his circumcised foreskin. Owen’s journey to be reunited with his foreskin was probably my favorite story line from this episode and every scene with him was absolutely hilarious.

For fans of Party Down, this might be the closest thing to a reunion show we’ll get in the near future (Adam Scott wasn’t in this episode, but you can watch him in the NTSF:SD:SUV:: episode from a couple of weeks ago, “The Risky Business of Being Alone in Your Home” to really make the night feel complete.) Ken Marino and Megan Mullally pull double duty as they brilliantly reprise the roles of their Party Down characters at Childrens Hospital. You’ll get enough of a Party Down hit to make you laugh out loud, but you’ll definitely be left wanting more.

Even if you’re not a Party Down fan, Glenn’s bar mitzvah and Owen’s search for his long lost foreskin make this episode of Childrens Hospital one you won’t want to miss.