BURN NOTICE “Army of One” Review

BURN NOTICE (USA) "Army of One" Season 5 Episode 10

BURN NOTICE “Army of One” Season 5 Episode 10 – In this episode we made up for the complete lack of Madeline in the last couple episodes and it was great. I was very happy to see her getting in on the action again. It looks like she’s getting used to Michael’s job and apparently has learned some of the spy trade from him. She did a bang-up job of helping him with the hostages and keeping everyone as cool as possible so that Michael could do what he needed to do to save the day, as always.

While Michael, Madeline and Jesse were having their little adventure, Fi and Sam were off working on getting info on Max’s assassin. Speaking of Fi, I know that, as a woman, I should probably feel sympathy for her, but somehow I just can’t. Her little comments about having “issues” of her own and how Michael has allowed her snow globes into his place but hadn’t figured out how to include her in his life make me a little nutty. Not included in his life? Has she not noticed that he includes her in everything? It’s not like he’s hiding anything from her. Heck, most of the time she’s out there helping him with his little projects. I guess I just don’t know what she wants. Seems to me like it’s not about him not including her in his life, but her not liking the life he’s including her in. Sorry, but that’s Michael Westen. Can’t say I want him to change so yeah, I’m finding it hard to sympathize for her. Fi used to be this really kick-ass chick to me but now she’s coming off as a little whiny.

My favorite bits..

Sam using quotey fingers.

Duct tape + guns (and lots of them) = workable plan by Michael Westen

Michael and Sam running through that fire. Scary but oh so cool.

Fi threatening Michael with bandaging his own burns if he ever left her out of the action again. Aw, sounds like love to me.

My ears automatically perking up when Jesse said “white collar guys.” Oh wait. Wrong show.

Fi tazing Dixon. Sam was right though, she wouldn’t have had to do it if he had just said yes. Jeesh. Some people can be so persnickety.

“It’s nice to be dealing with people who carry Blackberries, instead of guns, for a change.”

Really digging Michael in that suit.

Michael referring to his mom as “Blondie with spiked hair.”

Sam reminding Fi that the guy in the trunk needed to arrive alive at their destination.

Enjoying the amount of chaos Michael can create with so little.

Come to think of it, Jesse’s not too bad at creating a little chaos himself.

The first words out of Dixon’s mouth being “You guys suck!” when Fi opened the trunk. I don’t know why, but I found that unbelievably hilarious.

“Oh I’m sorry, did I forget to mention that while I was unconscious?”

Madeline telling Judy that she seemed like the “type” who would have tranquilizers in her purse. LOL.

Who knew that Michael buying a cheap tie could come in handy like that?

Michael playing dead, or at least momentarily unconscious, to prove his loyalty to the bad guys. Brilliant.

Madeline rounding up those hostages like a well-trained spy. Good girl!

Really, really wanting to scream after Judy gave away Michael with her big mouth.

“Well that’s not very sanitary.”

I know I keep saying it, but damn Michael is good. Even *I* thought he was shot for a minute there.

“That lowlife just saved you ass. Show some respect.”

Michael standing there with a big-ass grin on his face when they led Holcomb away. LOL.

Fi telling Michael it was a good thing he was already hurt, because she had plans to kick his ass herself.

Wait. Was that jealousy from Fi over Pearce? Really?

Feeling so bad for Michael when he had to hand over that box.

What did you think of this episode of Burn Notice? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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