BBC To Air DOCTOR WHO Mini Episode

Doctor Who 6

BBC Three will feature a mini-episode of DOCTOR WHO, entitled Death is the Only Answer, starring actor Matt Smith (The Sarah Jane Adventures), the Eleventh Doctor Who. Set to air this coming Autumn, as a way to tide over fans waiting for the show’s return, the network has decided to broadcast the three minute special written by the most unexpected group of writers – the students of the Oakley CE Junior School in Basingstoke.

As part of BBC Learning, the creative group of kids all took part in the Doctor Who Confidential Competition that was held earlier this year. The students were also invited to visit BBC Studios, located in Cardiff. While there they were able to watch their top secret script come together on the small screen, watching the actors and crew of the show, before being introduced to Doctor Who’s leading star, Matt Smith.

Impressed by the young writers and their ideas, Smith called them “clever, we were all just bowled over, it was a brilliant script.” Fans can check out the BBC Special that will air on August 27th at 8pm with the winning episode, to be chosen by Doctor Who head writer Steve Moffat and producers, scheduled to hit the network on October 1st 2011.