THE VENTURE BROS. Special Premieres In August On Adult Swim

the venture bros adult swim
Adult Swim will be showcasing a special feature for THE VENTURE BROS., entitled The Venture Bros.: From The Ladle to the Grave – The Shallow Gravy Story, on August 28th at midnight. From director Jackson Publick and writer Doc Hammer, who also voice some of the Bros. characters, comes a special like “you’ve never seen them before.” The fifteen minute documentary style animated presentation promises to be a “ladle of heavy metal fire and metaphoric meat drippings.”

Prior to Adult Swim airing the musical mockumentary, fans can download five tracks from the Shallow Gravy EP starting August 23rd, along with a music video through digital retailers. Shortly after the debut of The Venture Bros. Special viewers can also return back to digital platforms to download the uncensored version of the episode.

Don’t forget the special will air on Adult Swim August 28th at midnight!