HELL’S KITCHEN “7 Chefs Compete” Review

HELL'S KITCHEN 9 Chefs Compete Season 9 Episode 9

HELL’S KITCHEN “7 Chefs Compete” Season 9 Episode 11 – Another episode, another chef gone as Ramsay cuts down the competition to six after last night’s Hell’s Kitchen. It’s pretty obvious that Jennifer is the strongest chef on the red team and Paul and Will are the strongest on the blue team. After last night, that was reaffirmed as Natalie was sent home after several bask dishes were sent back to the kitchen for being rubbery. Elise was saved by the skin of her teeth after blaming Tommy for screwing up the Wellingtons she screwed up, igniting the ire of everyone on both sides of the kitchen and Ramsay himself.

The annoying thing is is that Carrie’s absence was not really felt, which of course means that there were chefs who were sent home – like Jamie – just to keep the likes of Carrie and Elise around to stir controversy – though really all their fighting stirred was annoyance.

The motivate the seven remaining members, Ramsay sends them all off to BLT Steak in New York where they not only get a glimpse of the winner’s prize, but also get to try out some ethnic cuisine (including an awesome inflatable duck!). The challenge is dependant not on the team with the best dishes, but on the winner with the best dish overall: each team member has to gamble their ingredients and cuisine and then Ramsay judges the best by seating them on the throne.

The only one who doesn’t get to feel the throne is Natalie, whose Japanese plate fails to impress with its spiciness. In the end, its between Will and Jennifer for best dish, and Jennifer edges out Will, giving the red team an elusive challenge win where they get to spent the day in a bubble on the beach.

Dinner service has the usual stir of panic (especially on Elizabeth’s part, who completely falls apart at the last hurdle) and controversy (Elise, duh), incompetency (Natalie and Tommy both have their moments, though Natalie’s is far more damning) and in the end Elizabeth and Elise are thrown out of the kitchen, leaving Jennifer and Ramsay to finish up the dinner service.

Did Natalie deserve to go home over Elise? Going by cooking skills shown in last night’s episode, it seems that Ramsay made a totally fair choice in showing her the door.

What do you think of Ramsay’s decision to keep Elise (again!)? Sound off in the comments below.

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