BREAKING IN Does The Impossible: It Will Be Back on FOX

BREAKING IN Take the Movie and Run

Coming back from the cancellation heap is never an easy feat, one that is rarely managed by a show whether that show is a drama or a comedy. So, the news that is coming out of Deadline that the FOX comedy BREAKING IN is coming back is certainly rare indeed, but one that will, undoubtedly, please the small, but dedicated fan base.

The single-camera comedy that stars Christian Slater and Bret Harrison is to get a 13-episode mid-season order in what is being called a “complex deal with series producer Sony Pictures TV” (that is technically still being finalized).

The deal will also include a script commitment to a comedy pitch from Breaking In co-creator Adam F. Goldberg. As Deadline states, “When all is said and done, this would mark a second improbable return from the dead for (the show, which was) created by Goldberg and Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon”. Surviving the cancellation heap twice makes Breaking In the only show – besides the animated series Family Guy – to ever master that feat.

In even better news for the fans, is that the entire cast is expected to come back, including Odette Annable, who recently joined House as a new regular with a deal that includes provisions allowing her to also appear on Breaking In.

There is no word on an exact air date for Breaking In, but be on the look-out for those details as they are announced.