Awkward (MTV) “Queen Bee-atches” Review


Awkward (MTV) “Queen Bee-atches” Episode 6 – Will I lose all credibility as a child of the real MTV generation if I say I actually enjoyed “Queen Bee-atches,” this week’s Awkward.? It’s very rare to see any TV show, especially one on a network that also produces Jersey Shore, tackle a real issue like body image and weight control. You know, without just flat-out mocking the fat kids.

Of course, it doesn’t help the cause that the show’s overweight character, Sadie, is a sadistic bitch who you’d really like to strangle, but what impresses me is that they’re at least trying to show why she is the way she is. And it’s not always black and white; there’s a lot of gray area and I appreciate that.

This week, Jenna’s mom, Lacey, is making a desperate bid to join one of those ultra-snobby charity sororities that TV writers have to create because they can’t legally use the Junior League. I grew up in a country club world; I know these people…and I’m just as over them as Jenna. But Jenna is a good daughter and she wants her mom to be happy. At least until she learns that the rush party is at Sadie’s house because her mother heads the league. All bets are off and Jenna finds herself in possession of Sadie’s food diary in which she tracks her weight and her hate.

The tables have turned and Jenna now holds the power over Sadie. But does she have the balls to use it? Blackmail isn’t for the meek, especially when you can see your enemy hates herself far more than she hates you. I have to admit, watching Sadie’s breakdown with her mother touched something in me. Mean people are usually miserable people, after all. It’s really easy to forget that when they’re torturing you, but I love that Jenna acknowledges this, despite everything that Sadie has done to her and that she chooses to take the high road. She uses the diary for leverage, but not revenge. I was proud of her.

I think the thing that struck me this week was that everyone (with the exception of the guidance counselor) seemed to be nicely layered. Even Sadie’s mom who could be just as mean as her daughter wasn’t the totally horrible, overly demanding witch I expected. She’s just an aging pretty girl who assumes that all of her daughter’s problems would be solved if she was skinny. It’s a common mistake.

On the Matty-Jenna-Jake front, Jake wasn’t able to keep his mouth shut and told Matty about the kiss. Only like a dude, he left out the part where he kissed her and let Matty believe it might have been reciprocated or even initiated by Jenna. This, of course, bugged Matty, as nothing makes a guy interested in a toy more than seeing someone else play with it. After an unsuccessful attempt to discourage Jake, Matty sends Jenna a text request to hang out at the same time as Jake…but Jenna only responds to Jake. She has the power (twice in one ep!) and this time she doesn’t hesitate to use it.

So, congratulations Awkward. You impressed me this week, Keep up the good work and you might just compete with Degrassi as my new favorite guilty pleasure.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Is it refreshing or unrealistic to see a teenager on TV who is willing to endure humiliation for their mother’s happiness? Do you want to fire the guidance counselor, too? Let me know below!!